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    Darabedyan, Karine
    During the steady economic growth of the nineties, the presidential system of government took a substantial leap in the enlightenment of the workforce market by signing the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) of 1998 into law. As the policy took a short ru . . .
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    Gant, Ambra
    Abstract The Importance of the Implementation of Public Policy and Utilizing Assessable Means to Protect Society Against Sexual Assaults By Ambra Gant Master of Public Administration in Public Sector Management and Leadership The goal of this research . . .
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    Strickland, Latisha
    This Graduate project is a policy analysis of Measure H and Proposition HHH. The research question was: To what extent will Measure H and Prop HHH affect homelessness in the city of Los Angeles? The purpose of the study was to determine the impact tha . . .
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    Omarov, Nahid
    The decision-making and policy making process within the EU is considered to be a complicated process. The complexity is based on the continuous political struggle between the national governments and the EU institutions, which create problems to purs . . .
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    Rodriguez, Cynthia
    Children are dying from cancer at a much higher rate than any other cause in the United States. In fact, more children are lost to cancer than many of the other childhood diseases combined. The percentage of children that will be diagnosed with cancer . . .
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    Mercado, Veronica
    Research has indicated a significant correlation between economic hardship and health status. The citizens who have a lower level of income are likely to face financial complications. Most of the researchers are trying to establish a clear link betwee . . .
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    Student Research
    Wong, Tammy
    In response to the growth of rape culture in our society, rape cases and the reporting of rapes have been compromised. Police officers and jurors often start with a suspicion of the rape victim and take irrelevant circumstances into consideration when . . .
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    Secrist, Jaime
    During World War II, the United States government implemented a policy that encouraged the home-front population to grow victory gardens. However, the use of agriculture as a way to inspire and bring a population together dates back to a much earlier . . .