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    Patterson, Cheryl Lynn
    The purpose of this study was to develop Consumer Survival skill educational programs for learning disabled incarcerated youth. Interest in this topic evolved from working with this population and discovering that a complete curriculum to meet their s . . .
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    Luftman, Barbara R. Kleiman
    A study of 172 obstetricians in Los Angeles County was undertaken for the purpose of assessing to what extent their knowledge, education, experience and personal beliefs influence prenatal diagnosis referral. Four hundred questionnaires were sent to r . . .
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    Young, Kathleen J.
    Background: Many studies have clearly linked exposure to Second Hand Smoke (SHS) to various somatic diseases, however, few studies have examined the relationship between SHS and mental disorders and those that have were only conducted with specific gr . . .
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    Shapiro, Susan Steinberg
    The purpose of this project was to develop a text and a set of guidelines concerning nutritional support of the hospitalized patient, and the type of nutritional support these patients require. The objective was to design material that dietetic studen . . .
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    Reese, Patricia Margaret
    Landscapes are composed of various components or parts, any or all of which may be present to a greater or lesser degree. In evaluating landscape attractiveness, is it valid to take a landscape and break it down to its component parts or must it be vi . . .
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    Mamikonian, Ani
    This study examined the encoding specificity principle in relation to traditional and computer-based note taking and assessment formats in higher education. Students (N = 79) took lecture notes either by hand (n = 40) or by computer (n = 39) and then . . .
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    Mosk, Mona Dee
    This thesis examined the correlation between demographic predictors and variables based on changes in sexual behavior. Subjects were 143 gay men who participated in a "safe sex" seminar given by the Shanti Project in Los Angeles. Participants filled o . . .
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    Laughlin, Frances
    Equity considerations as a factor present in the adolescent educational experience was examined. Eighty subjects from a high school in Southern California responded to a twenty statement questionnaire. Application of the equity formula resulted in sub . . .
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    Hahn, Kathleen Gail Wells
    A sample of 170 business graduate student females and males at California State University, Northridge, completed a survey questionnaire designed to collect information on their career experiences since receiving a Bachelor's degree. This study report . . .
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    Neswald, David Wayne
    A replication of a study by Shaw (1982) was undertaken to determine the possible mediating effects of psychological androgyny upon common stressful life events. Three hundred and six college students (204 female and 102 male) completed the Bern Sex-Ro . . .
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    Lewis, Elizabeth Anne
    A curriculum for scoliosis examination was developed for parents of school-age children residing in Lancaster, California. This curriculum was in response to a perceived high prevalence of scoliosis surgeries being performed on adolescents from that a . . .
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    Morrow, Leslie Burns
    Problem-solving, as a process of overcoming difficulties, is an ability that is learned and continually developed. Social problem-solving addresses acquiring the skill to facilitate individuals' making judgements in practical situations, such as resol . . .
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    Suh, Inock Jeon
    Korean-American children’s attitudes toward the elderly in relation to children’s age, children’s contact with the elderly, and their parents’ attitudes toward the elderly were investigated, as well as the relationships between children’s attitudes to . . .
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    Tidwell, Athena Nan
    The purpose of this research was to investigate single male attitudes towards post-mastectomy women. Fifty single men were administered a questionnaire anonymously at three different singles groups. The specific information elicited in this research s . . .
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    Serra, Maureen Janet
    Coming out can be defined as the developmental process by which homosexuals assume a socially unacceptable identity and integrate it into their private and public lives. Research indicates that coming out counters feelings of isolation, provides suppo . . .
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    Goodwin, Brenda B.
    The purpose of this study was to survey the knowledge, opinions, and behavior of college women concerning dairy products. Research into osteoporosis and calcium consumption by women in the United States revealed a need for nutrition education/interven . . .
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    Clausen, Keith Allen
    Touch and it's positive relationship to perceptual changes in a subject during a business transaction is the focus of this study. A multivariate factoral Analysis of two Independent Variables (sex of subject and touch-no-touch experimental conditions) . . .
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    Snyder, David Neil
    The purpose of the study was to develop a detailed and comprehensive set of guidelines for the supervision of part-time municipal recreation leaders. These guidelines were developed in the following manner. Over two hundred guidelines directly and ind . . .
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    Iglow, Judith Baines
    Hospital Directors of Volunteer Services in Southern California continually try to establish their status as a profession. To provide support in this effort a survey was conducted to establish if uniform variables determine salaries. The survey result . . .
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    Caldwell, Susan Yang
    The purpose of this study was to establish a Korean- American Diabetic Exchange List based upon the weighted frequency test of food items from the American Diabetic Exchange List and the Korean Diabetic Exchange List. A total of 165 subjects participa . . .