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    Doyle, Katherine Anne
    The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of the cloze instructional technique on the reading comprehension and vocabulary development of elementary school children. The sample, which was comprised of 132 second and fourt~-grade subject . . .
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    Starkey, Marjie
    Research shows several effective strategies for helping students struggling with reading. The literature reviewed illustrated ways of using volunteers to help teachers who often do not have adequate time to meet the needs of all their students. This p . . .
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    Bruckmann, Colleen Mary
    The problem explored was whether or not allowing students the opportunity to self-select reading material effected their motivation to read and reading skills. Personal interest greatly effects how much time a student spends reading. Those who are mor . . .
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    Kiley, Diane Marie
    Struggling adolescent readers enter high school at a disadvantage and need support in order to advance their reading skills. The Reading Tutorial class, the focus of this study, can provide this support. This descriptive study presents information tha . . .