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    Student Research
    Pedroza, Sofia
    The International Olympic Committee parades the Games as a time of international solidarity that transcends politics or social inequality. Content and textual analysis of USA Today articles, however, shows that sports media actually evades a thorough . . .
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    Sevigny, Tyler
    The Arctic is experiencing climate change at an alarming rate. This is providing new opportunities for countries to exploit the region for its natural resources and waterways. As such, countries in the region are preparing for the opening of Arctic an . . .
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    Whittington, Tanis
    The Arctic is a vast and changing region. Climate change is affecting the availability of many sectors in the Arctic and opening the door for state actors to approve the implementation of industrial resource development, as well as commercial shipping . . .
  • Work
    Rahimi, Aideen Aisha
    Afghans for most of recorded history have been an isolated and non-migratory people. This began to change in the late 1970’s when the government’s shift to communism and the Soviet invasion in December 1979 caused more than half of the population in A . . .