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    Graduate project
    Smith, Jennifer L.
    Touch the Stars/Touch the Earth is a collection of four short stories that explore themes of grief, death, loss and agency through the medium of fiction, specifically using the genres of fabulist and science fiction. Each story has a central theme of . . .
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    Riccomini, Anna
    On a cold starry night in 1816, young Mary Shelley started a story that would change the world. In Frankenstein, Shelley told a tale that went beyond the modest task of a ghost story. In it, her hero Doctor Frankenstein created a living being from the . . .
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    Johnson, Kyle
    My intent with RE:fit was to explore a world that is rapidly becoming our own. Massively inter-connected electronic devices, artificial limbs capable of replicating or even exceeding human ability, massive numbers of unmanned drones in both civilian a . . .