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    Masters Thesis
    Santos, Henry
    Purpose of the Project: Animated films have allowed many fantastic stories to be told. Mythology, magic, and fantasy films thrive as feature-length creations of computer animation processes. Typically, these in large productions require large studios, . . .
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    Klitzing, Steven David
    In May, 1905 the major naval battle in the war between Russia and Japan took place. It was nearly a total disaster for the Russian fleet, and one of the really significant losses was the czar's cruiser Admiral Nakhimov and the secret treasure she carr . . .
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    Burger, Richard Louis
    This fictionalized history is the screenplay for a feature length motion picture. The setting for the story is St. Cecilia Parish in Detroit, the year prior to and the week of the riot of 1967. Fr. Ray Ellis has been appointed pastor to succeed Monsig . . .