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    Read, Jack A.
    Following the completion of my undergraduate work I spent I five years handcrafting jewelry, using the lost wax casting technique. My interest in sculpture resulted from the' dissatisfaction of working on a small scale. Because of the desire to work d . . .
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    Chapin, Susan Enid
    Sculpture installations from the Master's Show have much to do with both visual and psychological factors dealing with conscious and unconscious layers of perception. The presentation was considered in terms of a total room environment and involved a . . .
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    Bassiri, Reza
    The concept of my work is to create a form that is not a reproduction, but is the creation of nature. The original form has to insist its existence by itself, regardless of resemblance and relation to other items. The power of the idea has to penetrat . . .
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    Fier, Bruce Charles
    The development of my current work stemmed from a discontent with traditional object-oriented sculpture. Objects appeared too static I wished for an active environment that the participant could control. I wanted the interaction between the participan . . .
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    Coulam, George
    The project is the result of experimentation in the field of environmental sculpture. The materials include concrete, granite, fragments of polychrome tile, water and stained glass. Theoreti­cally, the concept partially involved an invitation to a vie . . .
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    Olson, David George
    Energy is a multi-directional force that is acted on by physical laws bringing that force to rest. The energy behind all natural processes approaches a state of equilibrium-stillness, silence, death. In the same way that photography suspends motion in . . .
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    Connell, David
    Statement: The 'Sound Box' is the seventh in a previously constructed three-dimensional series based on the duality of imagery in conjunction with an object (s) that is as much an image as an image is a symbol and the symbol the content of all fantasy . . .
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    Davis, William Craig
    The Celtic Cross, as it may be seen today, is the result of an evolution of changes both in the sculptural form and Christian iconography. Their period of change took place extensively between the close of the Roman empire and the establishment of the . . .
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    Dillon, Roger Jeffrey
    My concern as a sculptor is to present stimulating objects which will cause viewer participation. The intent of these sculptures is to affect the viewer in a way that will cause him to interact with the work. The reaction of the viewer may even be of . . .
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    Katz, Richard Joshua
    My Art is a personal exploration of geological and ecological relationships of matter and energy. The principles used are natural processes, forms and philosophies. I believe that the most important concerns for the artist are those that reflect the U . . .