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  • J098zf402?file=thumbnail
    Rubino, Louis G.
    Preparing competent admin istrators to work in today's dynamic healthcare environment is a challenging task for contemporary educators. Experiential exercises in the classroom can contribute significantly to student training. This paper reviews the be . . .
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    Paz, Yacov Koby
    Todays' airborn industry requires more testing and simulations than ever before. As more sophisticated and complex electronic equipment is being installed in an aircraft, the risk, time and resources of the tenting in real time cannot sometimes justif . . .
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    Yadgar, Sayros
    California State University, Northridge has installed a 1 MW Direct Fuel Cell® (DFC) power plant and the plant has been in operation since January 2007. A Heat Recovery Unit (HRU) has been designed and installed to extract the thermal energy contained . . .
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    Leake, Philip Gregory Andrew
    Ten trained male cross-country ski athletes were studied during maximal, incremental exercise testing on Quinton treadmill (TM) and calibrated “Nordictrack” Cross Country Ski Simulator (X-C) at equated workloads. Each subject was tested to determine i . . .
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    Cullumber, John Steven
    An analog simulator which deals with the free flight of the AIM-7F Sparrow missile is being developed at the Pacific Missile Test Center, Point Mugu, California. This machine is designed to be a "quick-look" machine used to gather engineering data on . . .
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    Masters Thesis
    Ross, Darrell Adam
    A model of electricity supply and demand in Humboldt County, California over the course of one year is presented. Wind, ocean–wave, solar, and biomass electricity generation are simulated using available hourly data and efficiencies of extraction for e . . .
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    Wakelee, Daniel
    Simulation activities have been used in teaching various topics in political science. Most literature on this methodology focuses on elaborate, time consuming activities. This article examines the creation and use of a one-session budget balancing sim . . .
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    Tiptur Ravindra, Thrilok
    3D graphics programming is generally done using libraries such as OpenGL, DirectX and Vulkan. Some effects such as lighting, reflection have well defined approaches, however simulating water is known to be a little difficult to achieve. This project o . . .
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    Sahragard-Monfared, Gianmarco
    NASA is currently preparing the Multipurpose Crew Vehicle Orion for a manned flight scheduled for 2023. In these preparations, the parachute system used by the Crew Exploration Vehicle (CEV) is being reviewed to ensure a safe landing of the crew and v . . .