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    Rodriguez, Luis
    This study examines the relationship(s) between African-American (Black) and Chicana/o (Brown) communities. The study provides positive, negative, historical, and contemporary examples of Black and Brown interactions. The study presents a discussion o . . .
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    Prendez, Jacob Eric
    This creative project examines the use and impact that Chicano visual arts have made on social justice movements and its current influence. My focus in this research is art that inspires social change, mass movements and is at its core is subversive, . . .
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    Beltran, Jose
    Youth have been at the forefront of many important social movements that have pushed policies in the United States toward a more progressive and inclusive country. For this same reason, they have been the targets of state-sanctioned violence and repre . . .
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    Garcia, Kristina
    It is essential for mental health practitioners to address the needs of a growing and increasingly diverse population. While MFT trainees are required to undergo training on how to address the needs of specific, diverse populations through a multicult . . .
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    Sauvage, Rachel
    This case study took place in a diverse school setting. We implemented critical multicultural literature to 3rd and 4th graders. Our question is: How do students respond to critical multicultural pedagogy and literature? We used dialogue journals, lit . . .
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    Gerent, Teresa
    Project Abstract Finding a way to make social studies content more engaging and relevant for high school students today is a challenge. Adding to this challenge has been an erosion of social studies coverage during the elementary and middle years over . . .