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    Hollombe, Gerald Jay
    Social supports have been found to be mitigating factors against the deleterious effects caused by anxiety due to a stressful situation. This study is to determine whether awareness of the availability of help in such a situation is such a social supp . . .
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    Duffy, Glorya U.
    The study of the “marginal man” concept has not yet been sufficiently analyzed although many social scientists and psychologists have written about its importance. These authors agree that the main confusion surrounding the idea of marginality is the . . .
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    Masters Thesis
    Reyes, Gabriel A.
    The hoary bat is a migratory, foliage-roosting bat with a mostly solitary roosting habit. Little is known about the social interactions of this species, but as a solitary roosting bat, most interactions between conspecifics are thought to involve mati . . .