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    Vazquez-Salazar, Angel
    With over 20 billion internet of things (IoT) devices connected today, having the possibility to implement a low-cost security camera is now an option. Camera vendors can provide software to enable remote viewing anywhere around the world. However, th . . .
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    Schindel, Cathy Jane
    This project involves the introduction of software engineering methods and accompanying automated tools to one software development organization. A survey of the literature on tool development and a description of the specific development environment . . .
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    Chee, Dong Wook
    The goal of this project is to review artificial intelligence/expert systems applications in engineering design. Applications of expert systems to mechanical engineering design are emphasized. The report introduces the subject of artificial Intelligen . . .
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    Kwong, Allen J.
    This graduate project consists of both the Hardware and Software design of a visual communication system that can be used in hospitals and other situations where a patient to staff message link is necessary. The system will be aimed very much toward t . . .
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    Lawrence, Bruce Edward
    This Master's project includes the design, development, system integration, and project report for an intelligent exerciser specifically designed to command an optical memory system. The requirement for the intelligent exerciser is to replace a host c . . .
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    Enders, Paul Francis
    Two major problems in computer installations with several independent, non-communicating computers are the lack of flexibility in distributing the processing load and the inability to provide backup for critical user applications. These deficiencies l . . .
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    Vigilante, Giacinto Nicholas
    An in-circuit emulator has become a necessary tool for software and hardware development. Unfortunately the cost of an Emulator, such as the Hewlett Packard 64000/6809, can exceed $30,000. For the design engineer without the blessings of a company spo . . .
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    Stuck, Carl Glenn
    This graduate project report discusses the developmental processes common to computer-related devices. The project report traces a product's development cycle from the initial idea, through market research, planning, design and manufacturing to the fi . . .
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    Geri, Joseph Y.
    A software product that does not perform as intended can cause serious damages. One of the methods to assure that it does indeed work as desired is by applying formal verification techniques to the software development process. Software verification i . . .
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    Pelino, Marco
    This paper develops a set of guidelines that help to generate and prioritize software system requirements and their corresponding specifications. A new software systems management methodology is described in detail. This methodology utilizes a multi-l . . .