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    Garibay, Mario
    The number of Latinos, specifically college-aged youth, is increasing rapidly in the United States. As a result, institutions of higher education are seeing increases in their enrollment of Latino undergraduates, but a gap exists in their retention an . . .
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    Adams, Jessica, Michelle
    In universities across the country, White student affairs professionals have the opportunity to engage students in conversations about Whiteness and White privilege, but are they doing so? National guiding documents for student affairs professionals s . . .
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    Trainor, Michael
    The purpose of this Master’s thesis research study was to gain an understanding of the level of knowledge higher education students have in relation to free speech and social media. Previous studies have indicated that over 80% of students ages 18 to . . .
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    Vora, Komil B.
    It is usually observed that small to medium sized organization with many assets do not have a have a reliable and efficient system for tracking orders, their usage within along with inventory of supplies, equipment and assets. As a result, often there . . .