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    Jones, Brian
    The element lithium, found in ubiquitous, yet heterogeneous amounts in soils, waters, and foods may have an impact on human brain function. This impact is well known in large, therapeutic doses, though little research has been done on low level lithiu . . .
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    Masters Thesis
    Bayley, Nicola Michelle
    The course of this research will investigate what it means to survive a suicide. Specifically I will focus on the experience of the survivor as an individual, within a family, part of the larger society and finally I will look at how survivors manage . . .
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    Mouawad - Dougall, Ruth
    This project presents five workshops for parents of school age children. Parents are the most important teachers in their children's lives and have a large influence on the type of individuals that they will grow up to be. This program provides inform . . .
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    Diller, Julie
    Youth suicide has increased markedly in the past ten years. Multiple suggestions have been offered by national and international researchers regarding why the young people of today are killing themselves. I have chosen to study and evaluate six case s . . .
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    Schwab, Julia
    Gay and questioning adolescents are highly vulnerable people's opinions regarding their sexual orientation. Gay and questioning adolescents run the risk of being rejected from family and friends a based on homophobic and heteronormative beliefs. Recen . . .
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    Loiselle, Corie Lee
    Suicide has been cited as the second leading cause of death among college students (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 2009). Many colleges and universities have suicide prevention programs, however, there is little information about th . . .
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    Landsverk, John
    "Background Sustaining prevention efforts directed at substance use and mental health problems is one of the greatest, yet least understood, challenges in the field of implementation science. A large knowledge gap exists regarding the meaning of the t . . .
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    Lazansky, Jenna
    For some females, middle school can be a very overwhelming experience when coupled with the changing in body image and hormones. Independently these changes can cause a female middle school adolescent to become overly critical of themselves and could . . .
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    Alecson, Gala
    Strawberry is a story about a quadriplegic man who wants to die. For a painless and peaceful death in an assisted suicide agency he has to pass a temptation test. After he fails in his first attempt, a suicidal friend offers him his help with the test . . .
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    Cole, Adam
    The purpose of this grant proposal is to seek funding for Life Information Fundamental Education (L.I.F.E) to provide educational training and services on the subject of suicide awareness and prevention to adolescent children between the ages of 10 to . . .