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    Phan, Hoa Nhu
    Although continuing cost and performance improvements of the new bipolar and MOS RAM devices are providing strong incentives for their greatly expanded use in mainframe memory and other storage applications, these components have not yet reached the d . . .
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    Watkins, William J.
    This Graduate Project Report deals with the design and testing of a Continuous System Modeling Program (CSMP) written for an Apple II microcomputer. The model to be analyzed using the Continuous System Modeling Program is a Heading Select mode from an . . .
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    Rosenfeld, Gary Alan
    This thesis discusses the design and development of a real-time High Order Language (HOL) program. The function of the program is to control, test, and calibrate an inertial reference system built by Teledyne Systems Company. This project evolved out . . .
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    Gabany, Steve
    The present study was designed to determine: 1) if subjects can be trained to estimate task performance times; 2) if training by a paired-comparison paradigm would produce more accurate estimates than training through performing the actual task; and 3 . . .
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    Epstein, Dana Michael
    The design of computer networks is critical to insure that current and anticipated communications requirements can be met. This paper investigates use of simulation tools to aid in the design of computer networks for manufacturing environments. A foun . . .
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    Ng, Paul Phillip
    There is an increased interest in the area of knowledge-based systems recently. Most of these systems function as expert consultants to human users. This function requires extensive interactions between the user and the system, hence having a natural . . .
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    Ellis, Randall Walter
    The Space Management System is an continuing project at the Aerospace Corporation. The project started when the Facilities requested that I determine the feasibility of acquiring a Facilities Management software package to manage the existing Aerospac . . .
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    Little, Cynthia Gayle
    This report presents the hardware design and development or an automobile navigation system (ANS). Based on a dead-reckoning positioning system, the ANS is designed to aid drivers by providing an interactive map display system. A display or a detailed . . .
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    Wadamoto, Wayne
    This paper describes an implementation of a computer program to design FIR digital filters on the CYBER 750 at the California State University, Northridge. The basic filter program can design multiple passband/stopband filters, Differentiation filters . . .
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    Randall, David Peter
    A microprocessor-based video display terminal has been designed and implemented, and is now in commercial production. The terminal is a microcomputer system that shares a block of memory with some specialized video generation hardware. Data that is st . . .