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    Graduate project
    Vadlamudi, Shirisha
    Motor vehicle crashes involving drowsy driving are huge in numbers all over the world. Many studies revealed that 10 to 30% of crashes are due to drowsy driving. Fatigue has costly effects on the safety, health, and quality of life. We can detect thi . . .
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    Garcia, Morely
    TensorFlow and OpenCV are open libraries used for machine learning and image manipulation, respectively. Using these libraries, we develop a Python-based program that implements convolutional neural networks to train for facial recognition. Images for . . .
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    Moreno, Angel
    This project is on convolutional neural networks and how to implement image recognition on a Raspberry Pi. First, we will go over what a Convolutional neural network is and how it works. Then, we will cover information on TensorFlow and why we are usi . . .
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    Shaver, Kyle
    Artificial intelligence is becoming a bigger part of modern computerized systems. The combination of incredibly large amounts of computational power and powerful, open-source AI frameworks has led to a revolution in what humans can train computers to . . .
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    Lyche, Samuel
    This thesis gives an introductory overview of neural networks and deep learning. A new wave of computational power has brought about a fundamental change in the way that software is written. Only recently have machines become powerful enough to effici . . .
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    Makwana, Mrunal GovindBhai
    A very interesting field of Computer Science called Artificial Intelligence is concerned with the study and design of intelligent machines and applications. Advanced AI technologies are already at work around us in almost all areas, and medical scienc . . .