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    Siskin, Barbara Carol
    The project undertaken here involving current highland Guatemalan textiles has focused on an exploration of the weaving process and a discussion of the symbolism behind the various design motifs. By combining my skill of weaving and my curatorial expe . . .
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    Ryan, Mary Jean
    How shall I speak of that which cannot be spoken? How shall I write without words? Our language is ineffective. We tangle ourselves in a snarl of semantics. "'That's the flaw with words,' he said in an assuring tone. 'They always force us to feel enli . . .
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    Kibel, Isabel R.
    I have two bodies of work. The larger number of pieces, created as commissions for architectural spaces, have been titled “PUBLIC” works. When I create these designs, my philosophical approach is to present work that will be harmonious to the function . . .