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    Petrosyan, Anna
    The title character of Anna Karenina represents a resentment and hypocrisy from 19th century Russian traditionalists as well as a severe resistance to an ever-growing globalized Victorian cosmopolitanism. Commonly referred to as a negative breaching o . . .
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    Ruffino, Matthew
    During the Victorian Era, the British satire magazine Punch offered one of the leading sources of public entertainment and news. Often well synced to British public opinion, Punch presented a humorous critique of contemporary events that represented t . . .
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    McKenna, Monique
    Parliament and supporters of the Contagious Diseases Act believed that the spread of venereal diseases could be controlled by regularly examining sex workers, without regard for their personal safety or liberty. Regulation advocates were unmoved by ca . . .
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    Person, Angela
    The subject of disgust in Dickens’ work has been thoroughly explored for decades by literary scholars who discuss everything from disease, abject poverty, and death, to the filthy, unsanitary conditions of Victorian era London. However, more recent re . . .