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    Masters Thesis
    Shaw, George F.
    The U.S. military of the Vietnam era was a total institution of the Goffman school, set apart from larger American society, whose often forcibly inducted personnel underwent a transformative process from citizen to soldier. Comprised of a large group . . .
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    Schafer, John C.
    This article focuses on a translation of excerpts from Fiery Red Summer, an account of the Spring Offensive of 1972, by Phan Nhat Nam, South Vietnam's most famous war reporter. The introductory essay provides background on the offensive and suggests w . . .
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    Gauthier, Ethan
    During the 1960s, student activism swept the United States. Students took part in the Civil Rights movement, while others protested the Vietnam War and racial injustice in the country. Universities across the United States were hotspots for student ac . . .
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    Luty, Kevin Allen
    Previous historical studies of the Vietnam War have examined thoroughly the American news media’s opposition to the conflict. This thesis, however, will reveal how at first the American press acted as a promoter of U.S. intervention in Vietnam from 19 . . .
  • Work
    Gabbe-Gross, Michael
    This thesis offers an analysis of the Phoenix Program, a counterinsurgency operation during the Vietnam War. From 1967 to 1972, American military advisors worked with South Vietnamese military and police forces to defeat a Communist insurgency deeply . . .