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    Black, Jeffrey M.
    Wetland habitats are among the most productive of ecosystems and harbour a unique variety of plants and animals. This book is about the ecology of a group of wetland specialists; although the group is well defined it does contain species of a wide var . . .
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    Masters Thesis
    Leigh, Brendan
    For migratory waterfowl, winter is a time of shorter days, decreased resource availability, and increased costs due to thermoregulation and courtship. Herbivorous waterfowl are especially susceptible to energy intake deficits due to nutritional and ph . . .
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    Spaan, Garrett Donald
    This thesis explored the effects of shotgun shell limits on the quality hunting experience that is offered in the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge Complex (Sacramento Complex) hunting areas. The researcher wanted to find out if a set daily shotgun . . .
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    Bianchini, Elizabeth A.
    Recent human infections with avian influenza viruses (AIV) highlight the need for continued surveillance of AIV in waterfowl. California’s Sacramento Valley is an important wintering site for waterfowl from which avian influenza viruses may be isolate . . .
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    Goshen, Shannon Marie
    Recent studies of faunal assemblages from archaeological sites in the Sacramento Valley, California have illustrated substantial anthropogenic impacts to local game populations and distributions during the late Holocene. Resource intensification analy . . .