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    Bliman, Daniel
    The hotel business model has seen continuous improvements over the past 200 years of its modern existence. During this time, numerous amenities have been added by specific hotel chains which have changed the customer experience in order to gain market . . .
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    Li, Minting
    Asian-Americans are expected to have high achievement and success because of their ethnicity, a phenomenon which has been coined the Model Minority Stereotype. Mass media contributes to the generalization and perceptions, relating to Asian-Americans; . . .
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    Oral Presentation
    Kuchenbecker, Cailin
    As female oriented companies like Dove and Mattel and male oriented companies like Coors Light and Ram Trucks start to branch out from their mainly one sided gender markets to start targeting opposite gender consumers, a new trend is starting to arise . . .
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    Chen, Dewen
    This research examined consumers attitude toward marketing campaigns that consist of diverse model ethnicity and, homogenous, white model ethnicities. Five constructs were used in this research, Self-Identification, Attitudes Toward Advertisement, Per . . .
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    Student Research
    De La Riva, Stacey
    The purpose of this presentation is to show how advertising affects women's perception of beauty in Seoul, South Korea. In the Gangnam District, also known as the Beverly Hills of Seoul, The Beauty Belt, or even The Improvement Quarter, residents are . . .