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    Dickman, Meryl B.
    Acclimating and housetraining a new rabbit should be approached in an organized and efficient manner. Due to the lack of instructional guides for rabbit housetraining currently available, new rabbit owners do not have adequate housetraining resources. . . .
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    Sun, Qingjuan
    This essay first refutes two extant views on the relationship between Confucian ethics and care ethics, that is, 1) Confucian ethics is a care ethics, and 2) Confucian ethics and care ethics are virtue ethics. It then proposes that a better accommodat . . .
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    Fiala, Andrew
    This paper argues for a pragmatic resolution to the conflict between justice and forgiveness. Authors such as Derrida, who see a paradox or aporia in the conflict between justice and forgiveness, often conceive each value in absolute terms. A pragmati . . .