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    Edwards, Darcy
    This thesis project explores gossip in early childhood settings. Historically, gossip in the workplace has been associated with a negative connotation and viewed as a vindictive behavior. However, recent literature on gossip in the workplace is beginn . . .
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    Saatjian, Takouhey
    This thesis explores the evolution and process of developing a Facebook page for connecting families with their children's early care and learning center. Videos, photos, and informative subject matter were posted for parents and extended family membe . . .
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    Edwards, Amy
    The purpose of this research project was to understand how gender informs leadership for women leaders in higher education. Specifically, this qualitative research study examined the backgrounds and leadership experiences of multiple women administrat . . .
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    Farivar, Rachel
    Living together as a couple is not free of challenges. It involves the process of dedicating time, effort, and commitment on each partner's behalf to get acquainted and understand the other partner's sensitivities, likes, and dislikes. A therapist can . . .
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    Marrie, Dawne
    ABSTRACT COMMIT: IN LIGHT AND SHADOW By Dawne Marrie Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies, with emphasis in Art and Special Education “No matter how fast you run, your shadow more than keeps up. Sometimes it’s in front. Only full, overhead sun . . .
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    Guglielmi, Francesca
    The purpose of this study was to examine how emerging adults perceive and think about intimacy and communication in their dating and romantic relationships. The theory of emerging adulthood posits that two of Erikson’s psychosocial stages of developme . . .
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    Chavez, Julisa
    This research project proposal has been designed to analyze the effect that transformational and transactional leadership approaches have on information communication networks within nonprofit organizations. Through time, nonprofits have become a cruc . . .
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    Rizzotti, Alessandra
    This qualitative study explores chronic illness management among patient-informal caregiver dyads. Expanding on studies characterized by chronic heart failure (Trivedi, 2017) and depression (Risbud et al., 2017), the research question asked: How do in . . .
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    Larsen, Trine Bay
    Based on 14 interviews with asylum seekers in two refugee camps in Denmark and six officials, this study found that refugees rely mainly on their cellphones for communication, news about their home country and Denmark, practical information, and perso . . .
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    Veliz, Jennifer
    This quantitative study examined the relationship between hours spent on technology and the development of social skills (survival, interpersonal, conflict resolution, and problem-solving) in children ages 8-18. It was hypothesized that children who s . . .