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    Valente, Leticia
    The following compositions of work are meant to examine how grief is viewed through all point of views, as well as the structure of literature. The First piece, A Body of Work, is a long prose poem representing the stages of grief through the structur . . .
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    Parra, Ryan
    The purpose of this grant proposal is to seek funding for Life Information Fundamental Education (L.I.F.E) to provide educational training and services on the subject of suicide awareness and prevention to adolescent children between the ages of 10 to . . .
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    Bower, Stephanie
    The need for support after learning of a patient death in the form of a bereavement protocol at the Pediatric Diagnostic Center, an out-patient pediatric clinic in Ventura, California, was examined via the use of an anonymous survey. Over two-thirds o . . .
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    Dudgeon, Steven R.
    Ecological theory of alternative stable communities suggests the switch between different species assemblages occurs when environmental conditions alter species composition so that it crosses a critical threshold and enters a different basin of attrac . . .
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    Molloy, Lexi
    Hospice of Santa Barbara conducted a program evaluation to explore bereavement services and grief symptoms for people experiencing acute and complicated grief over time. Agency data included assessment surveys of people with acute grief (n = 111) and . . .
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    Avalos, Ana
    Purpose: To explore the experiences of college students coping with the death of a loved one. Hypothesis: How do college students cope with the death of a loved one? Methods: Utilizing snowball sampling more specifically, through flyers, social media, . . .
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    Parsons, Katherine
    The California State University, Northridge Graduate Thesis show opens on the anniversary of a loved one's passing, which inspired me to create a piece influenced by her life as well as her death. My caregiving experience prompted me to study how our . . .
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    Mangal, Frshta
    "Yama," a forty-page chapter from an ongoing project, is a graphic memoir that blends images and words in order to tell a story of memory and mourning within an Afghani American Muslim family that loses their eldest son. As such, "Yama" joins a growin . . .
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    Mayen, Nelson
    The process of grieving one's child is an awful experience. To lose a child seems out of order with the general trajectory of life. Whether through illness, violence, or suicide, a child's death can leave parents' with an uncertainty regarding their r . . .
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    Gage, Tom
    This film uncovers discrepancies between accounts of Capt. Bill Jones' sudden death recorded in documents versus newspaper reports of the time of his accident.