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    Oyeshile, Olatunji A.
    Given the fact that democracy has come to be accepted as a framework for good governance in most parts of the world and given the fact that most states in Africa are multi-ethnic in nature, which presupposes some contestations in . . .
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    Martinez, Isaias
    Election Accessibility is an often overlooked topic in politics despite how important it really is. A democracy cannot function if its citizens do not have access, means, or the capability to practice their right to vote. The purpose of this report is . . .
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    Escobar, Sandra
    This thesis is going to be looking at the crisis in Venezuela and analyzing the causes of their democracy backsliding by comparing different countries that have had democratic recession to Venezuela. Many of the countries that have gone through a demo . . .
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    Ickler, Jesse
    This thesis project examines the role of media in American democracy by looking at how third-party candidates are marginalized in news coverage. It is a documentary film about media coverage of third-party political candidates. It follows Luis J. Rodr . . .
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    Harper, Heather
    The nation's turn into the 21st century has witnessed an influx of local financial crises. Several state governments have enacted legislation in response; this research investigates one such legislative course of action-Michigan's Public Act (PA) 436 . . .
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    Student Research
    Raad, Daniel
    Facebook is the largest and most popular social network site where deliberation among the American public takes place. Facebook is also a great representation of democratic deliberation because its users consist of both adults and teenagers, so it giv . . .
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    Li, Chenyang
    In this essay I will discuss five major challenges faced by Confucianism in recent times. Two of these challenges have been widely acknowledged, namely those of science and democracy. I believe that Confucianism’s problem with science has been largely . . .
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    Tran, Hai
    This study attempts to clarify the relationship between development and press freedom, and the role of culture in determining press freedom throughout the world. Moreover, the study explores differences in the results, based on analysis using alternat . . .
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    Tyckoson, David A.
    Discusses the library as a democratic institution in the community. Types of libraries such as social, subscription, and free; How public library collections mirror the values of the community; Growth of a library to meet the changing needs of its cit . . .