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    Daniyelyan, Adriana
    In the past two decades, many populated yet neglected cities worldwide have gone through a process of redevelopment known as gentrification. In Downtown Los Angeles, gentrification has restored what was once the ghetto into a new robust life of boomin . . .
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    Karimi, Marzieh
    Certain objects and places activate feelings, memories, and thoughts, which ebb and flow over time. My quiet images challenge the simultaneity of absence and presence, truth and fiction in photographs. Informed by the experience of displacement, fragm . . .
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    Ramos, Miguel
    Gentrification is a growing epidemic in many urban communities, often leading to mass displacement of working-class populations. However, renter displacement becomes undermined because renters who have become displaced are no longer part of the conver . . .
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    Guillermo, Gregorio
    Figueroa Street is one of the main commercial corridors in the Highland Park district of northeast Los Angeles. In the last decade, the corridor and its surrounding neighborhood have transformed, most visibly in the character of the establishments tha . . .
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    Lopez, Ronald W.
    This article examines the resistance to displacement of residents of Chavez Ravine, Los Angeles, a community slated to be razed for a public housing project in the post-war era (1950–1953). Community women, mostly Mexican American, overtly identified . . .