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    Miranda, Melissa
    This study focused on factors that influence student-to-student oral communication in a dual immersion classroom. Drawing from observations, a survey, and video recordings, the findings reveal that the learning time of day shapes oral language product . . .
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    Drmandjian, Vartuhe
    ABSTRACT MINDFULNESS FOR EARLY CHILDHOOD: TEACHERS, FAMILIES, AND CHILDREN By Vartuhe Rose Drmandjian Master of Arts in Education, Educational Psychology This thesis project explores mindfulness, the act of "paying attention in a particular way, on pu . . .
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    Tonyan, Holli
    Eco(logical)-cultural Theory suggests that a daily routine results from individuals adapting cultural ideas to the constraints of a local context or ecology. Using Ecocultural Theory, this research examined family child care providers' descriptions of . . .
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    Bucol, Jessica
    According to Meadow-Orlans, Mertens, and Sass-Lehrer (2003), 90% of Deaf children are born to hearing parents. Thus, most parents of a Deaf child have probably not been exposed to American Sign Language (ASL) or the Deaf community. Therefore, the lack . . .
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    Hwang, Kyung
    The development of social and emotional competence is a vital component in creating and maintaining positive relationships with others, especially during the early childhood years. As preschool-aged children spend increasing amounts of time in nonpare . . .
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    Carpenter, Elina
    For this thesis, a workshop was developed to showcase the potential benefits for intentional professional development around the teaching of self-regulation in preschool children. This workshop was offered to preschool educators and evaluated by them. . . .