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    Freshman, Brenda L.
    The current U.S. health care workforce shortage is at crisis levels for providers who specialize in elder care. Barriers such as ageism, lack of awareness of the need for workers, and lack of contact with seniors can affect the career choice of young . . .
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    Luna, Carlos
    Social networks are found to decrease poor health, disability, and depression. The absence of social relationships is associated with increased risky behavior and poor physical health. Research has suggested that a social network is considered a prima . . .
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    Lindsey, Theresa
    Abstract Insufficient Funding for the Elderly By Theresa Lindsey Master of Public Administration, in Public Sector Management and Leadership Government funding for the elderly is discussed more than ever. The research on funding for programs that affe . . .
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    Gentry, Iselda
    The nurse's attitudes toward the elderly have been shown to influence the care of this population of patients (Treharne, 1990) and those formed attitudes may be a result of such factors as age, gender, ethnicity and years of experience (Gallagher, Ben . . .
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    Hsu, Jonathan
    Objectives: To study risk factors for falling, we examined risk factors for falls among older people according to the proximal determinants present at the time of the fall. Methods: Data came from MOBILIZE Boston, a prospective cohort study of 765 com . . .