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    Basham, Gregory
    One century after its formation, the Boy Scouts of America remains one of the largest youth organizations in the United States. It has come under fire in the last decade for its exclusionary policies regarding homosexuals. This paper seeks to illumina . . .
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    Dhawa, Huai Bao
    From Brokeback Mountain to Life of Pi, the Taiwan-born film director, Ang Lee, has won two Oscars for the Best Director. Both films are set in cultural contexts where Lee did not grow up, and yet both have drawn global audiences and received unanimous . . .
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    Cheresh, Catherine
    The following novella is meant to expand upon the genre of science-fiction while simultaneously delivering a compelling narrative of young-adult romance. The piece is meant to explore rampant problems present within the popular genre of science fictio . . .
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    Johnson Jr., Michael
    This article maps and interrogates the homoerotically dynamic and changing male relationships between these characters amidst the larger conceptual background of monstrosity that renders same sex desire visible in ways that invite both heterosexual (a . . .
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    Ball, Aaron
    Perhaps not since the culmination of the decades-long march toward civil rights legislation in 1964, which set off sociological aftershocks that resonate even today as residual seismic events of varying degrees on the Richter scale of human rights, ha . . .