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    Chmiliar, Linda
    With the emergence of the first iPad on the market, educators of students with special needs in primary and secondary schools have been interested in the device as an assistive technology tool, particularly for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder a . . .
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    Chmiliar, Linda
    Preschool children learn through exploration of their environment, and a review of the research literature has revealed that learning can be enhanced through exploration that also includes the use of digital technologies. Although research can be foun . . .
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    Sennott, Samuel C.
    This single-case non-concurrent multiple baseline design intervention study targeted four young adults in public high school with complex communication needs who lacked augmentative and alternative communication using the Model, Encourage, Respond (MO . . .
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    Kamei-Hannan, Cheryl
    Authors of the iBraille Challenge mobile app share wisdom gained during software development of a mobile app. An iterative, organic process was used to design the software and ensure accessibility for braille users. The app's flowchart, research data, . . .
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    Levine, Lauren
    The purpose of this action research study was to determine the effects, if any, of the use of the iPad as an instructional tool to facilitate reading comprehension. Specifically, the intent was to see if students with learning disabilities in the 8th . . .
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    Stukes, Robert
    Technology is continuously advancing and impacting all areas of modern life. Mathematics students come to classrooms familiar with various electronic devices and ways to apply them to find and utilize information. Educators should embrace these skills . . .
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    Merryman, Mark
    If the shift in education is to assimilate mobile technology, then it is imperative that school leaders are proficient with devices such as the iPad. However, iPads are not cheap; a simple wi-fi tablet costs 500 dollars. In addition to hardware expens . . .
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    Duncan, Lindsay
    The classroom of today is digital; districts around the world are putting devices into the hands of each child. The Emerald Union School District is among those districts who have recently piloted a one-to-one iPad program in several of their grades 3 . . .
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    Berns, Melissa
    The product for this project is a teacher manual for using iPads in the classroom. No matter how much or how little iPads will be used in the classroom, the manual will provide a hand in improving iPad use in the classroom for teachers. The teacher ma . . .