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  • 2801pj838?file=thumbnail
    ITEP staff/students
    This 1971-72 internal evaluation of the ITEP program also contains self-written profiles of each student actually participating in the ITEP program, progress charts, and a copy of an application to the ITEP program.
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    Peters, Christopher H.
    This external evaluation focuses on the examination of the role of ITEP in regards to the needs of the Indian community, and explores the aspects of ITEP that provide preparation for community liaison and leadership roles among student participants.
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    Peters, Christopher H.
    An external evaluation to assess the new direction the ITEP program had taken in recent years, focusing on the assessment of the pre-service training and preparation component of the ITEP program.
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    Chavers, Dean
    This 1983 external evaluation was conducted by Dean Chavers, and focuses on the qualitative aspects of the program, such associal relations, motivation of students, structure of the program, and attitudes in general. Administrators, students, members . . .
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    Tswelnaldin, Patricia
    A 1981 internal evaluation of the ITEPP program that examines information about the goals, objectives, and success from the students who are directly involved.
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    Abinanti & Tripp, Attorneys at Law
    This 1979 external evaluation explores the impact of ITEP at the end of its first ten years, and it's effect on HSU, public schools, and graduates' careers. Also includes graduate questionnaires.
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    Herrera, Vincent J.
    This 1982 internal evaluation of the ITEPP program is limited in scope, focusing on the pre-service aspect of the program, which provides training and preparation to 30 Indian students.