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    Spaccia, Gina
    Character Development is a non-fiction collection of vignettes in which each chapter focuses mainly on one person or topic that is influential to the author's life. The purpose of this piece is to illustrate how each of the subjects are significant to . . .
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    Gough, Alea
    My recital is 14 songs comprised of four different languages and six composers spanning from the Baroque to the Contemporary era of music. The theme I chose to unite all my pieces is love. Whether it is sacred or secular love is an important theme in . . .
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    Ruiz, Luis
    Since the beginning of music, vocal repertoire has varied in great depth paralleling the spectrum of human emotion. Throughout history, the most common themes are love, death, and duty. The amount of love songs written is innumerable! What is beautifu . . .
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    Li, Borui
    Songs of Love and Nature, is a recital program made of songs and art songs in various languages for soprano with piano accompaniment. Song is composition that made of music and lyrics; art song is a unique blend of high quality poem and high quality m . . .
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    Mangal, Frshta
    "Yama," a forty-page chapter from an ongoing project, is a graphic memoir that blends images and words in order to tell a story of memory and mourning within an Afghani American Muslim family that loses their eldest son. As such, "Yama" joins a growin . . .
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    Lohman-Janz, Brooke
    The human voice is completely diverse and unique to each individual and the capabilities of each voice type are incredible and marvelous. For the high soprano voice things are exceptionally thrilling, particularly in the coloratura fach. The repertoir . . .
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    Rivera, Anthony
    A project presented in the form of a Vocal Recital featuring pieces for tenor about the topic of love.
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    Journal Issue
    Toscano, Cindy
    The Office of Undergraduate Research and Bronco Scholar at the University Library are proud to present Reach – Inspiring Creativity, Discovery, and Innovation, an online compilation of undergraduate research at Cal Poly Pomona. Reach showcases outstan . . .
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    Oladi, Soudeh
    Through the Deleuzian analogy of the nomadic war machine, this paper seeks to tap into Rumi's writings to uncover potential points of contact. In so doing, what emerges is the war machine of love that works to awaken a powerful desire to seek transfor . . .
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    Gonzales, Christopher
    In coming to understand different theories concerning love, I argue towards an account on a theory of romantic love, to which I advocate five necessary conditions. First, I argue that romantic love acquires the condition of nurturing the spiritual gro . . .