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    Johnson, Keith
    This study presents an introduction to the core concepts of machine learning techniques and deep learning algorithms, with an emphasis on artificial neural networks. Furthermore, implementation of Long Short-Term Memory Networks for addressing sequenc . . .
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    Biel, Dino
    Deep Q Learning is a topic that has become very popular of late in the field of Machine Learning (ML), and especially when it comes to games. AlphaGo Zero and AlphaZero are two ML agents that have been created by Google utilizing Deep Q Networks (DQN) . . .
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    Landavazo, Briana
    Due to the hands-free, non-invasive nature of electroencephalography (EEG) based control, research into brain-computer interface (BCI) systems has been a topic of interest in robotics applications. BCI systems have been studied in several applications . . .
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    Kirdey, Stanislav
    In this thesis project we look at ways to utilize neural networks and computational frameworks to perform automatic image and video colorization, with the focus on one kind of deep neural network architecture – pix2pix. The project is aimed at modelin . . .
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    Abbasi, Shafagh
    Detecting user’s emotional status is one of the most effective aspects that can improve human-computer interaction. In most of the prior emotion detection studies, the focus was on facial expression, speech signal and body language analysis for affect . . .
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    Aldridge, Jacob
    The purpose of this project is to develop a system which could integrate multiple sensors collecting biometric data together and perform some sort of processing upon the information. To this end, a DE0 development board (Cyclone IV FPGA), connecting t . . .
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    Davis, Rosalind
    Since 2015, the music industry has experienced a resurgence driven by online music sales and streaming, which has in turn been facilitated by very large archives of musical data. These large musical archives, however, remain challenging to search and . . .
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    Shaver, Kyle
    Artificial intelligence is becoming a bigger part of modern computerized systems. The combination of incredibly large amounts of computational power and powerful, open-source AI frameworks has led to a revolution in what humans can train computers to . . .
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    Mao, Clifford
    This thesis explores the performances of various reinforcement learning agents when playing the game of blackjack. The thesis takes a preliminary look at the performances of six different implementations of reinforcement learning algorithms when inter . . .
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    Moazen, Danial
    Wearable computing is one of the fastest growing technologies today. Smart watches are poised to take over at least of half the wearable devices market in the near future. Smart watch screen size, however, is a limiting factor for growth, as it restri . . .