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    Li, Tianyu
    Understanding how emotion regulation varies may educate caregivers to facilitate children to better cope with stressful experiences in order to prevent future long term mental problems. The purpose of this study was to examine how habitual use of spec . . .
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    Goli, Samantha
    After the passing of their last living grandparent, the narrator of Tiny Portraits faces the reality that, in addition to their grandmother, they have also lost what remained of their family history, stories, and perhaps even the antidote to the poiso . . .
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    Gureghian, Sahag
    My Name is Siroun is a coming-of-age novel set in the 1980s. After her abusive alcoholic father abandons them, an Armenian mother and daughter move from Los Angeles to Midwest USA in an effort to start a new life. While her mother relishes in her newf . . .
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    Mclaurin, Timothy
    Purpose: The purpose of this study is to explore professional's knowledge of assessment for sports concussions. Method: This study used a 16-question survey inquiring participants' knowledge and experience with assessing clients for concussions. The s . . .
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    Greenwald, Cassie
    Recognition memory can be described as identifying a stimulus as having been encountered before. There are individual differences in how judgments are made when encountering a stimulus with uncertainty as to whether or not it has been previously encou . . .
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    Jensen, Zachary
    In this hybrid book length creative piece of writing entitled How Can I Forget You I am exploring my personal relationship to my grandmother and the experience of being her sole caregiver as I watched her fade away from dementia. The project explores . . .
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    Knopf, Theresa
    The work I present in the Graduate Exhibition combines painting, fiber art, collage, and printmaking to examine withholding and restraint. My work conceals secrets through layering and subtle shifts of tension while drawing on memory and silence to em . . .
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    Stansell, Ann C.
    The commemoration of disasters is a product of social, cultural, economic, and political forces in human society. Southern California's largely unheard-of St. Francis Dam Disaster of 1928 provides an excellent opportunity to study this complex process . . .
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    De Bellard Pecchio, Maria Elena
    The effect of injections of selected amino acids on memory, given before a maze-learning, was investigated. Thirsty crickets (Pteronemobius sp.) were trained to turn only to one side of a symmetrical Y-shaped maze using reinforcements with water. The . . .
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    Apthorp, Rachel
    993/1000* My work examines the relationship between gender and society, the lack of agency possessed by women's bodies, and the impact of trauma on those bodies. Comprised of object making, painting, installation and photography, my practice establish . . .