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    Martinez, Mireya
    Students who receive special education services deal with many issues that hinder their learning. Several potential solutions have been introduced into the special education classrooms. This study was conducted to see if incorporating background music . . .
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    Aguilar, Lourdes
    This project deals with the necessity to include traditional Latin American music in the urban public school music curriculum with the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) as a focus of the case study. Los Angeles is well known to be one of the . . .
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    Rubio, Monica
    The primary purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between music education and workplace success. This study’s assertion is that skills inherent to the study and practice of music in secondary education are uniquely transferrable to l . . .
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    Penrose, Christina L.
    There is something remarkable happening in the field of music education, and it is turning young musicians into agents of social change and social justice. Children are lining up outside of music schools worldwide in order to embark on a journey that . . .
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    Gustafson, Amber
    Music education may hold the key to improving the self-efficacy of students classified as socioeconomically disadvantaged. Increasing self-efficacy for these students also potentially improves their chances of academic success. This study investigated . . .