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  • B5644w19n?file=thumbnail
    Muzquiz, Christopher
    Cognitive science is the intersection of biology, psychology, philosophy, linguistics, artificial intelligence, and computer science that focuses on the study of mental phenomena and its classifications. The nature of the mind has piqued the interest . . .
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    Abel, Dana
    Homelessness has increased dramatically in recent years and unhoused individuals have resorted to re-appropriating public space and public parks into shelters and homes. This study attempts to address the problem of perceived threat of criminal activi . . .
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    Papoban, Alexsandra
    I take my glasses off and share them with my viewer. There is discomfort in viewing the world through the obstacles of darkness, extreme light and the blurriness that overtakes my one bad eye. The vehicle of portraiture both reveals and obscures aspec . . .
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    Simon, Jeanny
    Purpose: The purpose of this literature review is to examine DCFS social worker's perception of race and its influence on their decision to provide various services including substantiating an investigation and providing preventative services based on . . .
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    Inthavong, Teresa
    This article attempts to answer the question how public employee perception has changed since pension reform. Pension reform is evident around the world. Pension reform has affected many public employees. There are many changes such as contribution ra . . .
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    Alvarez, Ivan
    As contracting out services is a common method utilized by public organizations, seeing public and private sector employees working together on delivering the same service is prevalent. Hence, to effectively render services, understanding the organiza . . .
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    Student Research
    De La Riva, Stacey
    The purpose of this presentation is to show how advertising affects women's perception of beauty in Seoul, South Korea. In the Gangnam District, also known as the Beverly Hills of Seoul, The Beauty Belt, or even The Improvement Quarter, residents are . . .
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    Student Research
    Washington, Solomon
    Ingratiation, or deliberately attempting to get someone to like oneself, is an influence tactic that can be utilized in the workplace. This study utilizes the ultimate attribution error (UAE), which claims that individuals attribute others' positive b . . .
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    Student Research
    Jaramillo, Jimena
    Grounded cognition dictates that, just as the mind can dictate bodily actions, so can motor systems impact cognition. Sensory feedback can likewise inform an individual's foundations for social categorization. The purpose of the present experiment is . . .
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    Doctoral Project
    Chaw Chih Lee, Julia
    College gun violence has been one of our nation’s most forefront issues in recent years. The present meta-analysis reviewed studies reporting college students’ perceptions about school/college gun violence in order to summarize the total effect and di . . .