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    Hermans, Hubert
    Huimin Jin’s article on cultural self-confidence is a welcome invitation to deliver a short commentary from a western point of view. My purpose is to show that in Western scientific publications of the past decades, there is an increasing interest in . . .
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    Eaton, Blake
    In this presentation, I provide a conceptual analysis of leisure that draws upon the works of Aristotle, Pieper, Delphy, Ferguson, and Barrett. I argue that leisure is a relation between a.) a tripartite cognitive disposition which an individual posse . . .
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    Lu, Zhaolu
    A developmental review of cognitive science and philosophy of cognition reveals that over the sixty years since cognitive science began Leibniz’ theory of perception has been largely ignored. It has been systematically overlooked that Leibniz offers a . . .
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    Oladi, Soudeh
    Through the Deleuzian analogy of the nomadic war machine, this paper seeks to tap into Rumi's writings to uncover potential points of contact. In so doing, what emerges is the war machine of love that works to awaken a powerful desire to seek transfor . . .
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    Prabhu, V
    Ancient Indian tradition extols solitariness. It considers solitariness as a necessary precondition for a spiritual well-being and enlightenment. Every aspirant should pass through the two stages of solitary life vanaprastha and saṃnyāsa in one’s spir . . .
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    Buttiglione, Rocco
    Does Seifert's personalism hold water? (1) The question is rather provocative but my answer will be clear: yes, it does. Not only it holds water but can be continued and stands in need of being continued. This paper will put Seifert within the phenome . . .
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    Sellmann, James
    Are there material and moral connections between wealth and moral values? Do people require a certain level of material well-being to be moral? Can people choose freely to abide by moral values when their physical or material well-being are in jeopard . . .
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    Tiwari, Devendra Nath
    Philosophy begins with some problem caused by some or the other sense of illusion, doubt, confusion, inconsistency, incompleteness, etc., we confront when we become reflective or self-conscious of in a theorization, or conceptualization on a concept a . . .
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    Entl, Barbara
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    Rai, Arvind Kumar
    In spite of differences in the conditions created by the advancement of science and technology modern man is very much similar to primitive man and animals. He also takes birth and dies like them. He also lives in a particular space and time and feels . . .