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    Gawalis, Nichole
    My photographic practice embodies the concept of the flâneur. I seek out new but strangely familiar places and experiences, and this quietly adventurous mood informs the work. I am drawn to the narrative possibilities of photography and I use analogue . . .
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    Jones, Emily
    My mixed media paintings and sculptures draw on an archive of photographs, ephemera, and oral documentation inherited from my Midwestern family. My current body of work focuses on exploring specific memories from this history. Working with the archive . . .
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    Delate, Tirsa
    Time is a fundamental parameter in my practice, and it denotes the spontaneity and transience of events. Interactive performance and video works explore the connections between loss and sanctuary, acknowledging subjective perceptions of time and memor . . .
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    Tang, Jennifer
    Through uncertain scale shifts, muted colors, and blurred optics, my color photographs reveal the hidden beauty in ordinary objects and places. I photograph the atmospheric and ethereal effects of light and shadow in everyday spaces, such as off of fl . . .
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    Pierson, Laura
    Nature revitalizes me and provides a humbling sense of scale. Confronted with the undeniable presence of vast rock formations in Yosemite or melting snow in between my bare toes in the Sierra, I encounter the sublime. My photographs include notable la . . .
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    Tadayon, Mani
    This paper draws on the thoughts of Walter Benjamin, Guy Debord, Marc Augé and Clément Rosset to delve into the work of Andreas Gursky, whose mammoth images of contemporary landscapes of globalization have catapulted him to the top of the art world. W . . .
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    Chianese, Robert Louis
    In the article, the author discusses the benefits of nature photography in the understanding of environmental changes around the world. He cites the works of conservation-minded photographer Eliot Porter as contained in his book "The Place No One Knew . . .
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    Chan, Matthew
    Socio-economics, media consumption, adherence to Western cultural norms, and my underlying guilt about assimilation inform my work. Photography, video, performance, and installation examine these, acknowledging my disjointed and layered relationship w . . .
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    Monterroso, Joseph
    My family, my commute and my relationships guide my work and denote the passage of time. My photographic series, "the first light I see," has both figurative and literal connotations. I photograph the first intersection I encounter on my commute in or . . .
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    Ranier, Talia
    High school students are saturated with images thanks to social media apps such as Instagram and Snapchat. A perpetual access to technology means that many teens are frequently consuming photography passively, rather than actively. The high school pho . . .