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    Graduate project
    Garcia, Janet
    Every community is unique, and promotoras are uniquely positioned to work with what the community needs. Previous literature has looked at how promotoras programs effectively work in communities, but little literature has examined effects of training . . .
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    Moisio, Risto
    Building on prior theorizing on hope, dramaturgy of emotions, and the notion of transfiguration, this paper examines how the Weight Watchers brand elicits and embodies hope among its consumers. Based on the findings from a qualitative study of Weight . . .
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    Kay, Kevin
    Reseda Blvd., in Northridge, CA, is the major thoroughfare through that section of Los Angeles. It stretches north and south a mere block from the California State University Campus where more than 40,000 students attend. This study consists of resear . . .
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    Osorio, Bardo
    This research study attempts to understand the relevance of crime as an indicator for the development of a resiliency plan for the Northridge area neighborhood in the City of Los Angeles, California. This study uses a mixed-methods approach including . . .
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    Gabay, Leora
    Exercise has been found to decrease weight, improve sleep patterns and in general, to lead to an active and healthy lifestyle (Mayo Clinic, 2014). Along with the physical improvements that exercise can have, there are other benefits, including increas . . .
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    Jara, Mai
    Ableism, or the systemic inequality imposed onto people with disabilities (PWD), is a rampant problem in U.S. society. Ableism is particularly problematic within the allied health fields in which PWD often experience marginalization and lack of qualit . . .
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    Ramirez, Sandra
    Training low-income women to advocate for themselves and their community has the potential to be life changing. Pacoima Beautiful was established in 1996 to empower and provide their members with leadership skills through civic engagement, social just . . .
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    Jacobs, Adam
    Purpose: to examine the effects of ageism and spirituality on the lives of older adults in the community. Hypothesis: that the more ageism older adults experience the greater spirituality they will have in their daily lives. In addition, most older ad . . .
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    Rodriguez, Bianca
    As the diagnosis of autoimmune disorders rise, the need for awareness, education, and understanding of such diseases will also rise. Results from both qualitative and quantitative studies provide evidence of the relationship between a lupus diagnosis . . .
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    Ramos, Miguel
    Gentrification is a growing epidemic in many urban communities, often leading to mass displacement of working-class populations. However, renter displacement becomes undermined because renters who have become displaced are no longer part of the conver . . .