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    Kirakosyan, Karine
    My current body of work recreates the tarot deck in altering its outdated image with contemporary representation through digital means. Tarot is a very symbolic and transcendental practice that can bring interest to anyone - nonbelievers and believers . . .
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    Bargmann, Devon
    Stress is an emotion, a feeling that is felt by many, but dealt with by few. Graduate students learn quickly that with another degree comes hard work. The struggles graduate students face while going to school varies from student to student, but stres . . .
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    Atkinson, Merilee
    This study investigated the park use patterns and aesthetic preferences of park users in Snow Creek Park, Walnut, California. The objective was to discover whether there were connections between park typology conceptualization and recreational and hom . . .
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    Osborne, Cameron
    Tick-borne relapsing fever (TBRF) is a serious and understudied disease that is endemic to California. The distribution of the soft-tick vector of TBRF (Argasidae: Ornithodoros) and the prevalence of the pathogen are poorly understood in the foothills . . .
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    Benito, Carlos
    With a stock of near 14,000 horses in 1999, the vibrant equestrian sector of Sonoma is having a large impact on the county economy. At the same times, it is sustaining the green landscape of the county and a traditional American culture. With a capita . . .
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    Benito, Carlos
    The proximity to the city of San Francisco, beautiful landscapes, a rural historical heritage, and progressive institutions for land conservation, have made Marin County an attractive place to live. These very conditions have also induced population g . . .
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    Bator, Renée
    Across 14 different outdoor settings in 8 states, the authors interviewed 102 disposers to examine how littering behavior is affected by environmental factors, social norms, demographic characteristics, and self-reported motivations. Observations reve . . .