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    Mitroff, Ian
    The subject matter of this article is the discussions that occurred during the process of conceptualizing and writing a paper on the philosophy of organizational science. These discussions reflect some of the tensions inherent in academic writing and . . .
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    Jangbar, Sakina
    Extant scholarship on Heidegger's contribution to rhetorical theory has focused mostly on how rhetoric can be more than idle talk and how Heidegger's ontology mends the rift between philosophy and rhetoric. Sufficient attention has not been given to h . . .
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    Solis, Enrique
    This paper argues that genre awareness can be taught more effectively by challenging the boundaries of genre by genre blending. This approach exists to supplement and augment the current ways in which genre is taught in a first year composition class . . .
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    Dulaney, Rachel
    African-American music is an important aspect of the African-American culture and identity, and many scholars-from Frederick Douglass to Erich Nunn-have written about it as such. African American music has been explored in its rhetorical "space-creati . . .
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    Wittig, Michele A.
    In the five decades since the Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka case ended legalized racial segregation in US schools, achieving multiculturalism and diversity have become primary goals in education. Resistance on the part of students to multicult . . .
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    Arvizu, Jade
    On January 21, 2017, the first day of the Trump administration, three million women and men around the world marched in an historic display of unity and coordinated resistance. This work highlights the intricate interaction between candidate Trump's r . . .
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    Turner, Chelsea
    This thesis applies ideographic analysis to British Petroleum's "beyond petroleum" campaign to explain both the rhetorical function of the campaign's materials and the role of ideology in supporting this rhetorical function. In looking at environmenta . . .
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    Lim, Sharon
    The emergence and popularity of digital writing spaces and multimodal texts have led to discussions on changing notions of rhetorical practices. However, scholarship has yet to fully address viral internet memes as complex, rhetorical situations. My p . . .
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    Wang, Bo
    An essay is presented on the engagement and involvement of women in rhetoric through speaking, writing, and other culture-making activities. The author refers to several studies conducted by Western and Chinese historians and rhetoricians on the compa . . .
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    Journal Issue
    Burning Daylight
    Lauren A. Benjamin / What You See Is the Base of All the Faith In The World: Thingly Bodies in The Book of John Mandeville -- Alexis Wolf / Oroonoko: the African King of England -- A.L. Evins / Beyond the Binary: Violent Resistance in Time of the Butc . . .