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    Bedford, Roy
    Science fiction thriller screenplay in which an archaeology grad student and her sister unknowingly walk through a time portal into a future timeline where they encounter a paramilitary unit hunting a terrifying creature.
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    Mathewson, Christine
    Icarus explores the ethics behind one's will to survive when chaos slowly trickles into a community that's created away from society. After a space expedition brings an extraterrestrial disease to Earth and wipes out 74% of humanity, a space ship of i . . .
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    Tierney, Megan
    An Elf's Guide to Dragons concerns itself with the realms of both fantasy and science fiction in a study on genre conventions. It also showcases queer characters as protagonists without using their gender or sexuality as a plot point or emotional hind . . .
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    Simpson, Melinda
    An quadriplegic 11-year-old girl travels through a mirror to a fantasy world to save her brother from an evil Toymaker who seeks to rule all children through mind-control. After defeating the Toymaker and rescuing her brother, Jessica learns that bein . . .
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    Penzner, Jessica
    H.P. Lovecraft is a troubling figure in American literary history. While his works have surged to growing popularity in the last thirty years, his readers have also become increasingly aware of his disturbing ideas on race, racialization, and eugenics . . .
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    Cheresh, Catherine
    The following novella is meant to expand upon the genre of science-fiction while simultaneously delivering a compelling narrative of young-adult romance. The piece is meant to explore rampant problems present within the popular genre of science fictio . . .
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    Smith, Eric
    What I propose to write for this project is a substantial piece of speculative narrative fiction in the style of a noir. Am I writing some sort of detective story? I don’t believe I am, but I identify with the noir figure. I feel similarly disconnecte . . .
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    Lantz, Mallory Shana
    This thesis looks to uncover the overlapping strings that connect the devaluation of matter and the crisis of the Capitalocene, utilizing an intersectional mode of tracing. My work involves untangling these crossings as a means of illustrating how the . . .
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    DeMatteo, Mario
    A two part critical and creative investigation of the use of violence in children's science fantasy graphic novels. While this thesis is primarily creative, the project incorporates theoretical principles from colonial theory, post-colonial theory, ju . . .