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    An, Jennifer
    Our client, a renewable energy development company, is a startup firm in the renewable energy sector that specializes in the development of commercial and utility-scale renewable energy projects, specifically solar and wind farms. The current challeng . . .
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    Patel, Yogeshwari
    We present proof-of-concept all-carbon solar cells. They are made of a photoactive side of predominantly semiconducting nanotubes for photoconversion and a counter electrode made of a natural mixture of carbon nanotubes or graphite, connected by a liq . . .
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    Tharp, Jacob
    The Ivanpah solar plant located in Southern Nevada was simulated using National Renewable Energy Laboratory System Advisor Model (NREL SAM) software with the power tower concentrating solar power utilizing direct steam option. This case study provides . . .
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    Andrade, Daniel
    In California the drought has become an important issue due to declines in surface water sources. In order to keep up with the continuously increasing demand for water, the state is heavily relying on imported water from the Colorado River. To account . . .
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    Student Research
    Morris, Blake
    Concentrating (or concentrated) solar power (CSP) is a method of tapping plentifully available solar energy that offers grid flexibility over photovoltaic generation. Molten salts have emerged as viable candidates for thermal energy storage in CSP. Ch . . .