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    Christopher-Ipaktchian, Michele
    The prevalence of childhood obesity, particularly among disadvantaged children, continues to be a growing public health concern. In an effort to address this problem, the Marilyn Magaram Center at California State University, Northridge was awarded a . . .
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    Eaton, Tyler-Cruise
    The community of Chatsworth is nestled in the northwest corner of the San Fernando Valley. The neighborhood formed around the expansion of the Southern Pacific Railroad, connecting it to the greater Los Angeles area in 1892. The area is comprised of a . . .
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    Miller, Casey
    This study raises the issue of how the public sector can broaden its activities by integrating the arts into community-wide planning efforts to better support a more culturally equitable, inclusive and diverse arts industry. This gap indicates the nee . . .
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    Kaoh, Elizabeth
    In response to the growth of commercialized farming practices, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has identified safe, efficient, and sustainable agriculture as a main priority of its strategic objectives. Several method . . .
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    Lutchman, Vaasha
    Climate change is greatly affecting the environment in the United States and the world. From reviewing the effects of sea rise, droughts, and increased disease there will be an increase of global conflict for natural resources. This study reviews the . . .
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    Estrada, Alen
    Public safety is one of the most vital issues we faced as we attempted to increase mobility on Reseda Boulevard by making the street more comfortable and pedestrian friendly for the residents, students and visitors of Northridge, while enhancing the c . . .
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    Mancera, Jesus
    As college students we want to incorporates sustainability into fashion by giving ocean plastic a new purpose. Our mission is to work locally and globally to improve the environmental well being of our community. Our ultimate mission is to create dope . . .
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    Journal Issue
    Singh, Parveena
    The Office of Undergraduate Research and Bronco Scholar at the University Library are proud to present Reach – Inspiring Creativity, Discovery, and Innovation, an online compilation of undergraduate research at Cal Poly Pomona. Reach showcases outstan . . .
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    Adu-Beng, Emmeline
    Since the harnessing of electricity by Thomas Edison to create the light bulb, it has spurred the growth of industries as never seen before in human history. As the demand on the resources shared in our ecosystem grows, the need to find sustainable wa . . .
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    Gibbons-Stovall, Skyler
    Many industries use a lot of fossil resources, such as natural gas and petroleum, these are a finite source of chemical feed stock and have harmful effects on the environment. Using a resource that is renewable and sustainable, such as biomass, to pro . . .