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    Hayes, Alina
    My role as a maker is to leave something of value behind. Single-use objects are a staple of contemporary society, and yet, carry little value or significance. I aim to remove degrees of separation between audience and artist by individually shaping o . . .
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    Cox, Nikki
    Visitors flock to highly-urbanized Los Angeles for its culture and sights, the world famous Mount Lee featuring the Hollywood sign is one such destination. While the Hollywood sign remains an internationally recognized symbol of Los Angeles, a small t . . .
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    Tufenkjian, Anne
    As a first-generation Armenian-American woman, my practice is informed by my personal journey and struggles with gender-specific roles and expectations, religion, and racial stereotyping. Through ceramics, sculpture, printmaking, and painting, I striv . . .
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    Zemlicka, Kevin Timothy
    As with most variations of Christianity, Pentecostalism is a highly processed form of the religion. Initially conceived at a time of great social and political upheaval in the United States, it was first reworked to reflect those realities. As it was . . .
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    Jiang, Xinyan
    "Rationality" is generally regarded as a concept exclusive to Western philosophy. In this paper I intend to show that even if in Chinese philosophy there is not a term equivalent to “rationality” in Western philosophy, Chinese philosophers have discus . . .