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    Echeverri, Nicholas
    Congestion in urban areas has become a wicked problem facing many cities around the world. The complexity of the issue and the unsuccessful attempts to combat the problem have required governments to adopt network governance strategies, such as collab . . .
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    Studnitski, Nir
    This Computer Science Masters Thesis sets out to explore an algorithmic approach to traffic regulation of automated vehicles in a single intersection. For this purpose, an X-shaped intersection with randomized oncoming traffic is simulated using Unity . . .
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    Hatfield, Jamie
    Traffic around the worlds keeps getting worse as people drives more due to economic development and population increase. Consequently, accidents and the number of people that die or are injured increase every year. This research consist of analyzing t . . .
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    Graduate Project
    Patel, Kushal
    This paper discusses the development of an Alarm Clock Android Application which monitors traffic conditions and travel time to dynamically sounds the alarm. While traditional alarm clocks allow the user to set a specific time at which the alarm rings . . .
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    Student Research
    Dhaliwal, Sawanpreet
    A number of studies in the past have quantified the impact of rain on traffic parameters but all of them were limited to wet areas. The research reported in this paper have expanded the literature by studying the impact of rain in a dry area such as S . . .
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    Daley, Brianne
    Air Traffic The roles of air traffic control as well as the regulations and responsibilities of air traffic are clearly defined and used to determine the competency of the current air traffic control at San Diego International Airport (SDIA). Relation . . .