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    Joseph, Sasha
    This study uses institutional theory to explore how external pressure influences nonprofit accountability standards. An extensive literature review in the field of public administration was conducted to study how institutional theory relates to accoun . . .
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    Nersesian, Ani
    This research proposal explores and researches the pertinence and outcomes of having a transparent organization and the influence it holds on ethical decision making. Its purpose is to note the significance transparency has on moral and ethical decisi . . .
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    Tran, Calvin
    This graduate project explores how public administration utilizes social media within their organization and its impact with public sector transparency. The research proposes to collect statistics from public organizations within Los Angeles County on . . .
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    Ware, Erin
    Public sector entitlement programs encompass a range of programs from state funded insurance, Medicare and Medicaid, to food and cash assistance for low income residents. The purpose of this study is to examine the selected variables, the amounts of w . . .
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    Walker, Kristen L.
    Trust and transparency influence consumer information exchanges, yet the understanding of how they shape marketing and public policy relating to privacy and security issues is not current with the digital and informational age. People face increasing . . .
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    Coleman, Rashaad
    New police technologies such as the body-worn camera affect how police officers conduct daily police work. The first official use of body-worn cameras began in Europe in 2005 and then in the US in 2011. During those years, there was no published resea . . .
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    Zhu, Rui
    In this essay, we approach the matter of international transparency from a cultural perspective: how the concept of transparency differs and overlaps in East and West and how differences and similarities reinforce mutual suspicions in contemporary Sin . . .