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    Gutierrez, Cristina
    The purpose of core 2 major artifact is to argue the need for counseling outreach programs for international students. Many international students come to the United States to have access to a better quality of higher education and more job opportunit . . .
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    Nguyen, Thong Doan
    This report presents a prototype CAI (Computer-Aided-Instruction) package for B-trees algorithms (BTAP) that simulates a walkthrough of B-trees algorithms using graphic animation. The BTAP package includes four lessons. They are: retrieval, insertion, . . .
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    Reid, William Taylor
    Maximum and minimum temperatures in the Eastern Mojave Desert are primarily a function of elevation: lower elevations are warmer due to greater compression. Both mean maximums and minimun1s for July change about 8 kelvins per kilometer; January mean m . . .
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    Sarchio, John Peter
    It is through Transpersonal Psychology that--in the West--the spiritual facet of life is formally accepted as a legitimate aspect of the psychological realm of humankind. Where Eastern philosophy and religion have focused on spiritual development, and . . .
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    Qureshi, Nasir
    When we think of drones, we picture automated devices that are propelled by fans or jet engines. Drones can be used for military purposes or they can be used for leisure. What we don’t typically think of is how drones can be used to help deliver aid t . . .
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    Elconin, Travis Henry
    In deciding the repertoire for my recital, I had two goals in mind. One was to choose music that represented varying styles and languages, the other was to choose music that best displayed my unique talents as a singer. With these goals in mind, I sel . . .
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    Kiouses, Katherine
    Performance The repertoire of my recital takes us through a journey of emotion, each different from the next. Da chiaro a scuro, from light to dark, is a metaphor for how each song travels from beginning to end. They give us a contrast of emotions. So . . .
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    Warburton, Edward Alan
    This study measures the effect of random error on the determinants of coefficients and constants of the exponential terms used in the analysis of biological tracer data. Many biological activities take place in well-defined areas, systems, or organs w . . .
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    Nisman, Ronda Sue
    Fourteen male and six female student volunteers from California State University, Northridge served as subjects for this study which was conducted over a five month period. Each subject was committed to the test program for five weeks, and was subsequ . . .
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    Helfer, Doris
    I've just come back from attending both the Special Libraries Association (SLA) Annual conference in San Antonio and the American Libraries Association (ALA) Annual conference in San Francisco. I'm sure I've gone to every SLA conference for the last 1 . . .
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    Parwath, Yashika
    Abstract Design of a 5.8 GHz Two-Stage Low Noise Amplifier By Yashika Parwath Master of Science in Electrical Engineering Efficient communication systems are essential in the modern-day world. There are various blocks that constitute a communication s . . .
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    Amigon, Cristal
    Families throughout the income spectrum experienced economic strain during the 2007 Recession. This then resulted in stress and worry regarding financial stability needed to in order to meet their basic needs. The Stress Process Model was used to guid . . .
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    Tufenkjian, Ashod
    This Computer Science Masters Thesis focuses on a specific branch of a much larger scientific research project called the CSUN CubeSat project. This thesis' scope lies solely within the "CSUNSat 1 Get Telemetry' web application. Which is a web applica . . .
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    Biel, Dino
    Deep Q Learning is a topic that has become very popular of late in the field of Machine Learning (ML), and especially when it comes to games. AlphaGo Zero and AlphaZero are two ML agents that have been created by Google utilizing Deep Q Networks (DQN) . . .
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    West, John
    Purpose: Youth homelessness is an ongoing societal crisis throughout the United States. This research project seeks to integrate frameworks from positive youth development, therapeutic songwriting, and nondeliberative social work practice as it examin . . .
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    Pourmanafy, Ilbret
    By Ilbret Ilo Pourmanafy Master of Public Administration, Health Administration The California Nurses Association (ANA) sponsored the legislative Assembly Bill (AB) 394 to ensure safe staffing for patients in California. AB 394 was introduced by Assem . . .
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    Hernandez, Liliana
    The study examined the prevalence of Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorder (PMADS) and perceived social supports, and effects of PMAD and perceived social supports on child rearing practices among 50 Latina immigrant mothers. Most of the sample (98%) ha . . .
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    Murphy, Kevin
    Lawsuits against nonprofit organizations can negatively affect the finances and volunteerism rates at many agencies. Established literature does not identify the extent to which lawsuits have negatively affected the operating budgets and volunteerism . . .
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    Sterling, Stephen Charles
    Geological and geophysical data, which include common depth point seismic profiles, velocity analysis displays, borehole and other information, were used to study the structural evolution and Neogene sedimentation of the inner basin margin between New . . .
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    Gomez, Jocelyn
    I explore the experiences of two Latinas who have been active for over 40 years in Los Angeles labor unions from the 1970s to the present day. My study is based on in depth interviews and primary documents. Through in depth interviews, I found that th . . .