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    Blunt, Travis
    The homeless community is often seen but not recognized. There has been little effort to deliver aid to the marginalized community. This study identifies ways that police officers, local merchants, politicians, and members of the public engage in demo . . .
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    Seidlitz, Jennifer
    This study assesses the needs and barriers to success for single mother college students. Previous literature talks about how socially constructed gender roles and expectations play a role in single mother’s lives. Mother’s taking on the majority of c . . .
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    Sarmiento Jr, Francisco Javier
    This ethnographic study examines how young Latino men in lower income communities navigate their masculinity through gangs. This was a qualitative study that consisted of seven participants who affiliated with the Emiliano Zapata Gang and the data was . . .
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    Resendiz, Daisy
    Using content analysis, this thesis examines the homework of students who were incarcerated and taking a Chicanx Studies course through a student-led independent program called Homie Universidad Popular (Homie UP). A literature review of Chicanx Studi . . .
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    Salgado, Guillermo Antonio
    Recent studies, show that community members that live in or near Civil Gang Injunctions have experienced high level of hyper-surveillance, racial profiling, and unreasonable search and seizures, where police claimed to have probable cause. Historicall . . .
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    Llamas, Roxanna
    This qualitative study examines the lived experiences of middle-class women of Mexican descent as they navigate the following three environments: neighborhood, school, and workplace. Current literature on middle-class racial/ethnic minority groups pri . . .
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    Canseco, Omar
    This study explored the experiences of 9 undocumented Mexican migrants who are living in San Diego County. This research examined their migration and deportation experiences. Through the use of in-depth interviews, the participants in this study share . . .
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    Higinio, Luis M
    My research question asks how, in Fallbrook, California, Mexican@/Chican@s mobilized to create Mexicanos Unidos en Defensa del Pubelo (MUDP), challenge white supremacy ideology and give a voice to the Mexican@ community. In a time of racist repression . . .
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    Saldana, Flor A.
    Latinxs tend to self-rate their health as poorer when compared to whites. There is a gap in research on what factors, beyond physical and socio-demographics, impact how Latinxs self-rate their health. This study aims to fill that gap by analyzing how . . .
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    Garcia-Mellado, Diana
    This study focused on the experiences of Latina/o undocumented and U.S. born children growing up in mixed immigration status families and explored how they navigate their worlds. This study was employed the method called, Photo Elicitation Interviews . . .