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    Przypek, Veronica Anna
    This study investigated the clothing preferences of female baby boomers born 1946-1964 and then divided into early (born in 1946-1954) and late baby boomers (born in 1955-1964). A self-report questionnaire was used to gather information through snowba . . .
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    Steers, William Neil
    A study was conducted for the purpose of demonstrating the effects of sex of subject, sex of target person, attributes of the target person, and search stage on the order and amount of information accession during the impression formation process. Equ . . .
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    Buonora, Brenda Ward
    The current thesis project will explore the theory of motivation as it pertains to learning and examine the opportunities that charter schools may uniquely offer as a means to implement "progressive" educational practices that result in enhanced intri . . .
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    Bebak-Tjahjadi, Maria H. B.
    In October 1977, just weeks after Anastasio Somoza lifted a nearly three year state of siege, Nicaragua's Sandinista guerrillas resumed their military offensive by launching a countrywide assault against the dictator. Some 22 months later, on July 17, . . .
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    Mabe, Nicholas
    In this work I propose several numerical algorithms to calculate the steady state solutions of the Saint-Venant equations, a hyperbolic balance law commonly used to model shallow water flows. The main focus is on two-layer stratified flows distinguish . . .
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    Fabian, Mitra
    My creative instinct lies in capturing moments of mortality. I transform these moments into visceral embodiments that reveal some sort of physical and spiritual distress, mingling science with sentiment. The instances of metamorphosis I create tread a . . .
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    Caruth, Elissa S.
    Two Trees explores writing from a post-modern, post-sturcturalist perspective and experiments with form. Some of the works include elements of conventional poetry and fiction. Other poems combine the two genres of writing to create a poetic-fiction th . . .
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    Chajin, Farah J.
    The purpose of this project was to develop a financial guidebook for young consumers, 13-18 years of age (Generation Y), which would help them to analyze their shopping behavior for fashionable apparel. According to the literature on young consumers, . . .
  • Td96k671j?file=thumbnail
    Arroyo, Joselyn
    This thesis project sheds light on Mexican undocumented students who have pursued higher education after attending high school in Southern California. The audio documentary that is part of this project highlights the immigration experiences of eight u . . .
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    Spiegler, Marci A.
    The sea urchin is the material of choice for studying many early developmental events. Methods to extend the viability of sea urchin gametes have not received much attention, but it is well known that the eggs are easily damaged by freezing (4). This . . .
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    D'Andrea, April Lynn
    A teenage girl grows up in the early nineteen eighties. Her parents are divorced, she rarely sees her father, and she doesn't get along with her stepfather. She moves to a new town and makes friends with popular kids. She meets an older boy and has a . . .
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    Traxler, Vern S.
    Cell adhesion has been studied for almost a century beginning with H.V. Wilson's classic studies on sponge cell aggregation. Cell adhesion plays an important role in morphogenesis and malignancy, but its molecular basis is poorly understood. As the ce . . .
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    Sands, Beverly J.
    To interpret a playscript for directing or designing, an organized systemic method of analysis is necessary to understand the script's signification and the playwright's intent. This type of analysis also helps maintain the script's integrity while pr . . .
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    Mozafari, Robert R.
    This project introduces a speech synthesis system that is to vocalize entries (words) from a laptop computer. The system has a limited yet expandable vocabulary of 256 words that can be entered via a standard computer keyboard in the same manner that . . .
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    Arevshatian, Zareh
    Since gaining independence from the former Soviet Union, Armenian cinema has launched a revolution in the way Armenians see themselves and the world around them. With the onset of glasnost, the movie cameras broke through the barriers of the Brezhnev . . .
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    Karol, Lawrence A.
    Ten years ago very few people had heard of a strange new life threatening condition known as Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. Today there are few that would need an explanation or elaboration of its acronym, AIDS. Media coverage of AIDS was sporad . . .
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    Ecevitoglu, Omer
    One crucial aspect for autonomous vehicle navigation is to have the capability to detect the surrounding terrain in a very fast and robust manner. Recently developed 3D time-offlight cameras have an enormous potential for mobile robotic applications i . . .
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    Kalek, Dana
    This thesis is a modified case study involving four families with three-year old children who have been diagnosed on the autistic spectrum. Parent training in the Floor time approach was conducted to increase the mother's ability to support the child' . . .
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    Alper, Eugene
    This study concentrates on municipal code enforcement as a relatively new regulatory function of local government and endeavors to answer the question "Why did code enforcement appear in the American city?" In the first part, code enforcement is exami . . .
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    Prokopets, Anatoliy
    Purpose. The purpose of this study was to determine the response stability of measurements used in the assessment of center of pressure excursion (COPe) during step initiation. A NeuroCom� Balance Master� was used to collect data relating to subjects . . .
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    Grusky, Xiaoning Zhuang
    The dress preferences and acculturation levels of 60 Mexican-American and 60 Asian-American female college students were compared by means of a self-administered questionnaire. Two types of dress preferences were examined, body modification and body s . . .
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    Cambridge, Megan Louise
    The economy that once supported manufacturing in the U.S. is being replaced by service oriented businesses. This change has led to companies abandoning obsolete factories, often leaving behind large vacant parcels contaminated with toxic chemicals fro . . .
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    Mazur, Alyssa Jill
    The research being presented is a case study about the peer support needs of young adults with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Research data was collected from a focus group comprised of members of an existing MS peer support group for young adults and from . . .
  • 8w32r9387?file=thumbnail
    Israbian, Sanan Tamar
    The purpose of this study is to examine the relationship between levels of acculturation and sex-role identity in Armenian women living in the United States. The subjects are eighty-five Armenian women residing in the greater Los Angeles, California a . . .
  • 9k41zj561?file=thumbnail
    Lee, Do Kyeong
    Objective: To investigate gait responses to an additional weight applied to the affected limb during aquatic treadmill walking in people post-stroke. Design: Comparative gait analysis Setting: Aquatic therapy center at California State University, Nor . . .
  • Hx11xj88q?file=thumbnail
    Wan, Lisa M.
    This work presents an algorithm for finding a minimal amount of added logic to make Programmable Logic Arrays (PLAs) fully testable. The design-for-testability method is based on the work presented in Saluja-Kinoshita-Fujiwara, 83 [l]o Nevertheless, t . . .
  • Js956k77x?file=thumbnail
    Kalin, Ruth A.
    This research merged perspectives from feminist studies, cultural studies and popular culture in order to study marital advice books written by non-academic married women for married women over the past fifty years, and to view how women were being ad . . .
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    Kolarek, Tara
    As a writer I have positioned myself within the framework of lesbian writing. The term 'lesbian writing', however, is varied and constantly in a state of definition. Yet, both in spite of, and because of this, I must construct a framework of lesbian w . . .
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    Brown, Rosalynn D.
    This study explores the scholarly discipline of the Tarot as a universal symbolic language which forms a framework for a leisure ethic. This ethic codifies ideal behavior applied to a leisure, recreation, and play triad. This triad is supported by the . . .
  • Zw12z928h?file=thumbnail
    Sagastume, Ericka Yvette
    The literature review provides intriguing possibilities for new conceptualizations of domestic violence. It is time to pay attention and make distinctions among various types of violence. The literature reviewed in this paper touches on a new "undergr . . .
  • 05741w50c?file=thumbnail
    Eden, Jeremiah
    Background and Purpose: Functionally, the majority of movements we perform consist of active, multiplanar motions against resistance. With a cervical spine injury, those combined movements become impaired. Although the literature indicates that variou . . .
  • Pg15bj93g?file=thumbnail
    Swamy, Bhaskar
    The purpose of this project is to demonstrate the applications of discrete simulation to the manufacturing systems and provide an overview of different PC based manufacturing simulators. A case study is presented to show how simulation can be a succes . . .
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    Steinberg, Jennifer Lynn
    When therapists begin their careers, they often experience high levels of anxiety about their ability to grow into effective therapists. This anxiety often leads to self-doubt, which sometimes causes new therapists to leave the counseling field. While . . .
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    Segura, Hector
    The purpose of the study was to investigate the status of Mexican choral literature in senior high choral music education programs of the Los Angeles Unified School District. Although forty-three choral music educators were invited to participate in t . . .
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    Ventimiglia, Michelle I.
    This project is to describe an early childhood program, The Family Nurturing Center, which addresses comprehensively the two-fold task of early childhood education and family support. The contemporary family is facing circumstances and pressures of a . . .
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    Duncan, Andrea
    Relapse has been identified as a common problem in the treatment of addictions. The problem of relapse must be included in counseling chemically dependent clients to prevent or intervene in a return to substance use. Treatment professionals are in nee . . .
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    Nosrati, Dorit
    Iranian Jews constitute a growing minority in metropolitan cities around the United States. They are part of a close-knit community, with strong family and cultural values. Prevailing negative attitudes in the Iranian Jewish society towards disease an . . .
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    Parizher, Vadim
    During the last 30 years, the scientific digital image processing community inherited a large amount of legacy software. While algorithms in side this software are very valuable, the User lnterface is usually extremely slow and cumbersome. Most of the . . .
  • Sf268900z?file=thumbnail
    Walker, Peggy L.
    Fifty tenth-grade students were studied to investigate how motivational components -- intrinsic value, self-efficacy and goal orientation -- may be related to the use of self-regulated learning strategies of high achieving students, and to examine how . . .
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    Khakshouri, Eliz Lisa
    The 1978 Iranian revolution, forced many Iranian-Jewish families to immigrate to the United States. However, due to the cultural shock that naturally occurs as a foreigner enters a new country, the adjustment in the acculturation process between the o . . .
  • Sj139598c?file=thumbnail
    Hoyt, Jeffrey Alan
    It has been reported by Alcoa that alloy 7055-T7751 is 25% stronger than alloy 7075-T6 and that corrosion resistance of alloy 7055-T7751 is between that of alloys 7150-T6 and 7150-T77. Mechanical properties and corrosion resistance of these alloys wer . . .
  • Pn89db45j?file=thumbnail
    Carraway, Diane Roselyn
    A study was conducted to determine the effects of writing to help increase conceptual understanding of science concepts. Twenty boys and twenty girls from a fifth grade science class participated in the study for eight weeks. The ethnicities represent . . .
  • Pc289n72g?file=thumbnail
    Morawiec, Risako
    Past studies have shown mixed results in the effect of presenting information in visual and auditory modalities on students' learning. Some studies suggest that presenting information in visual and auditory modalities provides more resources to workin . . .
  • 6969z458r?file=thumbnail
    Lipscomb, Colette Covault
    Although there are many opportunities for outdoor learning in Ventura County, knowledge of these resources was scattered and random. This thesis-project satisfies the need to have a central location on the World Wide Web that identifies and describes . . .
  • 2227mt968?file=thumbnail
    Brennfleck, Lynda Joyce
    The primary objective in this project is to develop a clear background and establish a beginning foundation for understanding the complete process in the production of a child's picture book. My long term goal is to ultimately become published and rec . . .
  • 8p58pj23b?file=thumbnail
    Blumenkrantz, David
    This paper outlines an Art Education curriculum designed for and implemented with a group of elementary school-aged children. The project, which took place over a two-year period, emphasized the integration of various standards-based subject areas, in . . .
  • 9s161b18h?file=thumbnail
    Cooper, Duane J.
    This report describes an implementation of a programming language, SCHEME, as well as a variety of applications. SCHEME is a member of the LISP family of languages. The software engineering methodology is fully explained and is one of the most importa . . .
  • F1881q840?file=thumbnail
    Denduluri, Srinivas
    This project is aimed at analyzing the fading effects of a communication channel on transmitted signals in a cellular communication system. The radio channel available for communications places certain basic limitations on the performance of any wirel . . .
  • Rn301539s?file=thumbnail
    Zemaitis, Juliet
    The fallowing report is a study of the factors that impact children's envirmm1ental health legislation in the state of California. It includes bills from the legislative year 1997-1998. Topics include the background experience of the legislator and th . . .
  • Kw52jc91n?file=thumbnail
    Likitsuwan, Ornuma
    Governments have embraced privatization of all types with open arms. In fact, the use of private firms to participate, in whole or in part, in the provision of a public service has become so widespread that very few government services are not privati . . .
  • 5425kf28n?file=thumbnail
    Jackson, Kristin Lynn
    A model for the organization of conversational tum-taking was proposed in a landmark article by Sacks, Schegloff, and Jefferson (1974) with one aspect of the model expanded upon later by Jefferson (1984). These two studies of turn exchanges identified . . .
  • 1j92gc60g?file=thumbnail
    Hyun, Chung My
    Electrophilic activation of acyl transfer reactions has been studied as a model for catalytic hydrolyses by proteolytic and lipolytic enzymes which have no active-site serine residues. Naked carboxylate ions in dipolar aprotic media readily cleave 4-n . . .
  • Fn1073095?file=thumbnail
    Riley, Nancy Hendrickson
    Annie Mather isn't sure what to do with herself when her career as a cookbook editor abruptly comes to an end. Then an opportunity presents itself to star in a reality show for the Home and Family Network. Annie thinks it will give her more time with . . .
  • Db78tg37m?file=thumbnail
    Bartlett, Stephen
    The project deals with the conceptualization, development and production of a robotic system. This robotic system consists of three mobile vehicles and a monitoring terminal. The three mobile robots are equipped with computing, navigation, sensing, an . . .
  • 3n2043016?file=thumbnail
    Nguyen, Anh H.
    The purpose of this study was to explore the relationships between environmental factors and alcohol-related outcomes (or problems) in young adults, utilizing data of ten counties and two cities in California and to generate hypotheses for future stud . . .
  • 1n79h8465?file=thumbnail
    Phillips, Nancy
    Processes have always fascinated me. From the mystery of how the Incas erected those infinitely precise stone walls of Machu Picchu to the freedom and directness with which Morris Louis poured his acrylic washes. As a young girl I brought home reprodu . . .
  • Ns064b03n?file=thumbnail
    Ralston, Julie R.
    This research involved the use of urban high school students of various ethnicities with ability levels ranging from Pre-Algebra to second year Algebra. Students performed simple and complex problem solving tasks individually and in pairs. In this stu . . .
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    McKee, Michael
    The limited capability of conventional controllers to control complicated, dynamical, systems has motivated research into so-called intelligent control systems. In this project, a genetic algorithm is used to tune a fuzzy logic controller by finding a . . .
  • Fn107308w?file=thumbnail
    Wang, Dongming
    Policy-based Network is the network on which the traffic management is achieved by applying policies in the network. A policy is a statement defining which traffic should be treated differently in the network. It is defined by an administrator and spe . . .
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    Carlson, Brent Lee
    Trauersinfone, by Richard Wagner and Symphonic Movement, by Vaclav Nelhybel, are two outstanding and yet diverse pieces of concert band literature. Trauersinfone, demands sensitivity with a romanticized concept. The rhythmic variation potential of thi . . .
  • Pk02cf516?file=thumbnail
    Jariwala, Harshit
    Due to day-to-day technological advancements in VLSI industry, there is a constant challenge for shrinking the limits of ASICs/FPGA chips in terms of area, power and speed. On top of all these technological advancements, the end user requirements are . . .
  • 5m60qw85b?file=thumbnail
    Abels, Suzanne E.
    This study examined the impact fathers have on the psychological health or dysfunction of their daughters. Specifically, the study examines the influence of Jewish father-daughter relationships on the daughter's relationship with heterosexual men, car . . .
  • Tx31qn736?file=thumbnail
    Neil, Elizabeth
    A performer’s goal in planning a recital is to provide contrast and interest for both the academic and aesthetic listener. Short sets were used in this recital employing various languages and genres as well as contrasting vocal and instrumental timbre . . .
  • 5712mb341?file=thumbnail
    Hunt, Barbette
    The purpose of this study is to educate therapists about Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and the horse as a valuable tool in therapy. A review of the current expert opinion is provided, and an assessment is made of the qualifications necessary for those . . .
  • Dv13zz02t?file=thumbnail
    Zuniga, Gerardo
    Volatile corrosion inhibitor (VCI) 415, a Cortec Corporation product, IS investigated in this project to determine its effects, if any, on the susceptibility of aluminum alloys 2024, 6061 , and 7075 to corrosion attacks. The product is used for washin . . .
  • F1881q83q?file=thumbnail
    DeCilla, Patricia Lucy
    The purpose of this study is to determine whether the level of folic acid (FA) in human blood serum affects the number of fragile sites observed in cultured T-lymphocytes. Private practice patients (Internal Medicine) who evidenced no symptoms of sign . . .
  • D504rq20x?file=thumbnail
    Rulnick, Sarah J.
    Between 1991 and 1992, 10-19 year-olds accounted for one quarter of the more than 38,000 reported cases of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in Los Angeles County. School-based sexually transmitted/human immunodeficiency virus (STD/HIV) education h . . .
  • Xw42nc91d?file=thumbnail
    Lenz, Christopher M.
    Research has indicated that one of the most important factors in predicting the extent of acculturation in immigrant groups is generation, with subsequent generations within immigrant families becoming progressively more acculturated, and that there i . . .
  • Df65vc316?file=thumbnail
    Edwards, Hardy Keith
    There are many social, economic, and educational issues affecting the African American community. These are much more pronounced when considering the career development issues pertinent to the African American adolescent. There is clearly a need to pr . . .
  • 1g05fg28h?file=thumbnail
    Stillar, Burt
    The study of contemporary political campaigns is important in the ever evolving realm of political structure and social order. Communicating a point of view from the ground floor of a campaign can help everyone to better understand the process of wher . . .
  • Vh53x0527?file=thumbnail
    Wilson, Jeremy John
    The diagnosis of autism occurs in 1 out of 150 individuals according to national studies performed by the CDC. With this increase of diagnosis, there will be increase in need for support services. Therefore, families will be seeking services that prov . . .
  • Mp48sh81s?file=thumbnail
    Liao, Peiling
    The "Financial Resource Manual for College-Bound Teens and Their Parents" was created to provide parents and their children with a handbook that contains pertinent information regarding how college expenses can be met. The topics of the manual were se . . .
  • St74cv454?file=thumbnail
    Henle, Erika
    Interactive writing demonstrates concepts of print, early strategies, and how words work. This type of writing is used to assist children with their understanding the processes in reading and writing. Interactive writing integrates demonstrations of w . . .
  • F4752m82p?file=thumbnail
    Haddad, Faten
    This study explores the concept of organizational mentoring and the benefits it has on organizational behavior. It examines the relationship between mentoring and leadership within the organizational setting. Finally, it discusses characteristics of s . . .
  • Cr56n477z?file=thumbnail
    Siegele, Paul K.
    High concentrations of radium (Ra)-226 and radon (Rn)-222 were found in ground water which was produced from Tertiary aquifers along the southern gulf coast of Texas. The survey was conducted in a seven county area and included over 100 water samples . . .
  • Audio
    Floch, Duane Byron
    Solo literature for trumpet belongs almost entirely to the baroque and modern periods. The program selected is divided equally between these two diverse style periods, with the intention of engaging at least one monumental work from each period. In th . . .
  • P8418s34r?file=thumbnail
    Olympia, Angela
    This graduate project illuminates the role of world music drumming in urban general music classrooms by examining why the implementation of drumming programs in urban schools, based on my experiences, has been met with such positive feedback, as well . . .
  • Pv63g393g?file=thumbnail
    Zimmerman, Batya Bloise
    This study was designed to test the hypothesis that children of superior intelligence are more prone to fears than non-gifted children. Although there have been many studies of gifted children, there has been no recent research investigating the relat . . .
  • Td96k669h?file=thumbnail
    Wiesen, Mara
    Effective early reading intervention relies on screening measures to identify children at risk for reading difficulties. To date early screens have been unable to achieve sufficient accuracy to both identify all children at risk and eliminate those no . . .
  • Rv042z23g?file=thumbnail
    Vallejo, Alberto F.
    The purpose of this project, part of a larger health promotion program, was to develop and implement a structured cardio-respiratory exercise program for the civilian personnel of the Los Angeles City Fire Department. Approximately 300 civilian employ . . .
  • Sq87bz686?file=thumbnail
    Lopez, Erika A.
    The need for students to prepare for college early in their high school career creates a need for school counselors to seek different tools and ways to reach students that may not be thinking about college. The need for programs and workshops to incre . . .
  • Zc77sv13m?file=thumbnail
    Anderson, James Edward
    This evaluation focused on accessing word-processing functions by testing the efficiency of predetermined key combinations often called "accelerator-commands," "keyboard-equivalents," or "keyboard-shortcuts." Only the alpha-key component of accelerato . . .
  • S7526h430?file=thumbnail
    Vaquilar, Serena
    As a solo instrument, the double bass has a short history thus far. Until the latter half of the 18th century, the repertoire for the double bass was limited to short solos within larger orchestral works; the most notable being solos in the Haydn's sy . . .
  • H415pf43h?file=thumbnail
    LaGrave, Danielle
    The homocystinurias are a group of autosomal recessive disorders which are caused by various inborn errors of metabolism. Tnese disorders are characterized by high plasma and urinary ieveis of homocysteine and methionine, and low levels of cysteine. T . . .
  • K0698c46q?file=thumbnail
    Rose, David H.
    New Department of Defense weapon systems require testing before they are deployed. Aircraft testing typically takes place at a United States test facility such as Edwards Air Force Base. Here, a team of highly-skilled personnel plan, conduct, and repo . . .
  • P2677043d?file=thumbnail
    Onderdonk, Brian
    The Graduate Recital in Conducting for Brian Onderdonk consisted of two performances of major works in the symphonic repertoire, presented on different concert dates. The first performance took place on 1 October 2004 and the second performance took p . . .
  • Cf95jg244?file=thumbnail
    Hofer, Steven F.
    The Concerto for Piano and Orchestra was written between February 1993 and March 1994. (See more in text.)
  • W3763b49p?file=thumbnail
    Gao, Qing
    This project presents a modification of Deczky's IIR filter design algorithm [1] to design IIR digital filters with peak-constrained least-squared (PCLS) errors. It is based on modifying the weighting function according to the peak error values in the . . .
  • Np193f14x?file=thumbnail
    Maechler, Julie L.
    The plays of Lanford Wilson have interested scholars, critics and playgoers for more than three decades . Among other things, critics have focused on Wilson's use of language. Some assert that Wilson's evocative language has captured the voice of the . . .
  • Hm50tw44v?file=thumbnail
    Nelson, Kathleen Dorothy
    It is generally believed that since the 1980's, the higher education community nationwide has experienced a steady increase in mental health problems, including more serious psychopathologies, specifically among college and university students. While . . .
  • 8623j271f?file=thumbnail
    Gharibian, Scarlet
    Domestic violence is occurring in our society in epidemic proportions. The staggering statistics and prevalence of domestic violence make it apparent that this problem exists in many families in the United States. Many of these families have children . . .
  • Zp38wh591?file=thumbnail
    Chitilian-Tchalian, Adriana
    Depictions of the femme fatale, the dangerous and seductive woman, have been around for centuries. Various artistic versions of her since the second millennium, such as those of the goddess Astarte and the biblical Salome, represent her as at once bea . . .
  • N583z0380?file=thumbnail
    Dahan, Marie-Laure
    In midlife, men may consider changing careers because they realize that they are not getting what they want and need from their work. They may perceive their current work and life as lacking meaning. During this period of transition, men often questio . . .
  • 0p096b70d?file=thumbnail
    Ly, Tchong Y.
    This thesis studies numeric models of uncertain reasoning based on the theory of probability, the certainty factor theory, the Dempster-Shafer theory of evidence, and the theory of fuzzy sets, discusses their application in expert systems, and analyze . . .
  • Rb68xg72z?file=thumbnail
    Prenovost, Linda M.
    The goal of the present study wa'i to uncover interrelationships among sexual orientation, sex, attitudes toward women's roles in society, and level of dietary restraint. It was hypothesized that sexual orientation, attitudes toward traditional gender . . .
  • N583z037q?file=thumbnail
    Saunders, Judith
    This thesis suggests that Bertolt Brecht's play, Round Heads and Pointed Heads, has been underserved both critically and theatrically. Although it evolved from a previous attempt Brecht made to adapt Shakespeare's play Measure for Measure, there has b . . .
  • Jd4731306?file=thumbnail
    Veeraraghavan, Raghu
    This paper provides details about Flexible AC Transmission Systems. Various FACTS devices and their modelling and control parameters are discussed in this paper throughout Chapter one and two. This paper explains the analysis of these devices in respe . . .
  • P8418s33g?file=thumbnail
    Shahri, Farnaz
    Self-esteem is essential for psychological survival. Without some measure of self-worth, life can be enormously painful, with many basic needs going unmet. This project is a guide for mental health providers, which-regardless of the presenting problem . . .
  • M613n2520?file=thumbnail
    Winther-Rasmussen, Anne
    A divorce ritual is a powerful tool in the healthy divorce recovery process, yet we have no cultural tradition or guides on how to create such a ritual. This project explores implications for divorce rituals and reviews literature pertaining to divorc . . .
  • Vt150p41p?file=thumbnail
    Widdel, Marlene E.
    The intent of this thesis project was to investigate patterns of interactions exhibited by a mixed gender pair of high ability geometry students. The vehicle used for observation of these interactions was the Painted Cube Problem, a spatial visualizat . . .