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    Bourne, Lyle E.
    When some perceptual-motor relationships are reversed, participants might adopt a global inhibition strategy that replaces all normal movements with reversed movements. In two experiments, participants practiced moving a cursor from a start position t . . .
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    Docan, Carol A.
    The primary subject matter of this case concerns business law and statistical analysis. Secondary issues examine negligence vs. negligence per se; cause in fact; contributory vs. comparative negligence; statute of limitations; and statistical analysis . . .
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    Attias, Bernardo A.
    Mady Schutzman and Heather Raikes offer works that operate at the interstices of textual performance and scholarship. These exhibits explore various possibilities of cyberspace and hypertext for scholarly communication. The following speculations aros . . .
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    Josefsson, Lars G.
    Conceived in the forties, slot array antennas have reached a state of maturity. However, there are still many problems addressed in the current literature. This paper presents an overview of the significant publications on waveguide-fed slot antennas . . .
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    Baum, Paul
    The primary subject matter of this case concerns business law and statistical analysis. Secondary issues examine contract formation, terms of an agreement, breach of contract, misrepresentation and legal remedies, as well as ethical issues related to . . .
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    Buenavista, Tracy
    There are 3.2 million Filipinos in the United States, arguably the largest Asian American ethnic group. Although 36.7% of Filipino adults have college degrees, which is much higher than their ethnic and racial counterparts, U.S. Filipino 1 1U.S. Filip . . .
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    Skillen, I.
    We report the discovery of a 7.3 MJ exoplanet WASP-14b, one of the most massive transiting exoplanets observed to date. The planet orbits the 10th-magnitude F5V star USNOB1 11118?0262485 with a period of 2.243 752 d and orbital eccentricity e = 0.09. . . .
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    McGrath, Cathleen
    "When seeking help from their network, top managers don’t leave it to chance. They think strategically about what type of advice to seek from what type of person."
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    Michiulis, Diana
    Abstract The Palazzo del Te: Art, Power, and Giulio Romano’s Gigantic, yet Subtle, Game in the Age of Charles V and Federico Gonzaga By Diana L. Michiulis Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies with emphases in Art History and Political Science T . . .
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    Graduate project
    Simpson, Kristan
    Delirium occurs in up to 80% of patients in the intensive care setting, which left untreated often leads to long term physical and cognitive dysfunctions know as post intensive care syndrome. Studies have shown there to be several valid and reliable t . . .